9 Best Montessori Tissue Boxes 2023

montessori tissue boxes

As a Dad of twin boys and a baby girl, I’m always looking for toys that they will play with. My twin boys loved exploring tissue boxes filled with scarves when they were babies. I saw them improve their ability to grasp as they pulled out the scarves. Now, with my baby daughter, she plays with the same tissue box they used to and we got her a new one.

Baby pulling scarves out of a diy tissue box
Baby pulling scarves out of a DIY tissue box.

Just yesterday, I placed a soft plush ball with a bell inside a small tissue box and watched as she focused on the sound and then grasped it and pulled it out. She could hear the bell inside the tissue box, which made her want to get it out. When she finally got it out, she had a big smile on her face. She loves pulling the fake tissues out and playing with them.

3 Top-Rated Montessori Tissue Boxes

If you are looking for a tissue box toy for a gift or one for your own child, we put together 3 great options below. They all have high ratings from happy customers and they are perfect for a baby.

3 Tips For DIY Montessori Tissue Boxes

Do you have an empty tissue box? It’s very easy to turn it into a toy that kids will love. Getting creative with your own homemade Montessori tissue boxes is easy and cost-effective. You can use safe items from around your home and small toys. Place 5-6 different items in a box and let your baby pull them out.

1. Use a variety of textures

Fill your tissue box with materials like pom poms, pipe cleaners, felt, fabric scraps, cotton balls, or crinkly paper. Varying textures help to develop sensory skills.

2. Incorporate different colors

Select beads, pompoms, ribbons, or fabric in an array of bright colors. This visual stimulation is great for babies’ developing eyesight.

3. Add different items into your DIY tissue box

Rotate new items into the box to keep it exciting. Add things like a small soft ball, a plastic key ring, velcro strips, or a noisy rattle. Frequent changes maintain curiosity.

What is a Montessori Tissue Box?

A Montessori Tissue Box is a type of toy that is designed to promote sensory development and enhance fine motor skills in babies and toddlers. It is a toy that offers a variety of sensory activities and stimulates hand-eye coordination.

6 More Montessori Tissue Boxes I Love

Taf Toys Sensory Crinkle Tissue Box for Toddlers

The Taf Toys Sensory Tissue Box is inspired by toddlers' love for pulling tissues out of boxes, providing a fun and educational experience. It helps little ones learn about emptying and filling containers, boosting their motor and cognitive skills.

Montessori Baby Tissue Box Toy

The Magic Tissue Box is a fun and educational toy for infants and toddlers, coming with a baby tissue box, 3 packs of crinkle paper, and 8 colorful dance scarves to engage little ones with vibrant colors and crinkly sounds.

Montessori 6-12 Months Baby Tissue Box Toy

The Montessori Tissue Box Toy is designed to satisfy babies' and young children's curiosity while avoiding the mess usually created when they play with real tissues. It enhances hand-to-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and the ability to focus.

Kids Preferred Peter Rabbit Montessori Tissue Box

The Tissue Box toy is a delightful developmental toy that keeps babies entertained and comforted with its colorful, patterned, and textured "tissues." Featuring the beloved character Peter Rabbit, it not only brings back sweet memories for parents but also helps babies learn and play.

Frogprin Baby Tissue Box Toy

The Developmental Tissue Box is a sensory toy inspired by toddlers' love for pulling tissues out of boxes. It's designed to mimic this behavior, providing hours of entertainment with its vibrant colors and crinkly sounds.

Montessori Baby Tissue Box Toy with Textured Tails

This toy set is perfect for babies over 6 months old, coming with a soft tissue box, 7 textured cloth tissues, 3 crinkle tissues, and 5 silk scarves to provide a variety of engaging experiences. It helps develop fine motor skills as babies can pull out tissues, and the silk scarves add a surprise element.

3 Benefits of Montessori Tissue Boxes for babies

Sensory Development: First, they promote sensory development by providing different textures and materials for the baby to explore. This helps in stimulating their senses and fostering cognitive growth.

Motor Skills: Montessori Tissue Boxes enhance fine motor skills. Babies can practice picking up small objects, grasping them, and manipulating them using their fingers. This helps in developing their hand muscles and coordination.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Montessori Tissue Boxes stimulate hand-eye coordination. By encouraging babies to reach for and grab objects inside the tissue box, their hand movements are coordinated with their visual perception, allowing them to develop this important skill.

How to choose the right Montessori Tissue Box for your baby?

When choosing a Montessori Tissue Box for your baby, there are a few factors to consider. First, you should consider the age range for which the toy is suitable. Some tissue boxes may be more appropriate for younger babies, while others may be designed for older toddlers.

Second, look for a variety of sensory activities. A good Montessori Tissue Box should offer different textures, colors, and shapes for your baby to explore. This allows for a richer sensory experience and keeps the baby engaged.

Lastly, choose a Montessori Tissue Box that is made of safe and durable materials. Babies tend to put objects in their mouths, so it’s important to select a toy that is free from harmful chemicals and is sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Montessori Tissue Box activity ideas for babies

Scarf Pulling Activities: Place a soft scarf inside the tissue box and encourage your baby to pull it out. This activity helps in developing their grasping and pulling skills.

Object Permanence Games: Hide small objects, such as Montessori wooden beads or small Montessori toys, inside the tissue box and let your baby discover them. This game helps in developing their understanding of object permanence.

Tissue Box Stacking Challenges: Stack several tissue boxes on top of each other and let your baby knock them down. This activity improves their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

3 Tips for Using Montessori Tissue Boxes

1. Start with simple activities: Begin with activities that are easy for your baby to grasp and understand. As they become more familiar with the toy, you can gradually introduce more complex activities.

2. Provide guidance and support: Sit with your baby and guide them as they explore the Montessori Tissue Box. Encourage them to touch, feel, and manipulate the objects inside, and offer praise and support as they learn.

3. Rotate the toys in the box: To keep the play experience fresh and engaging, periodically change the objects inside the tissue box. This will maintain your baby’s interest and encourage them to discover new things.


Montessori Tissue Boxes are a valuable toy for babies’ sensory and motor development. It offers a wide range of educational benefits and can provide hours of exploration and play for your little one.

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