18 Best Montessori Bath Toys 2023

montessori bath toys

Montessori-inspired toys can enrich your child’s bath time while promoting important developmental skills. This guide covers everything parents need to know about Montessori bath toys.

What Are Montessori Bath Toys?

Montessori bath toys are designed to be simple, open-ended, and purposeful. They nurture a young child’s curiosity and independence in the tub. Popular Montessori bath toys include:

  • Pouring cups and pitchers
  • Squirt toys and water pumps
  • Scoops, strainers, and colanders
  • Floating and sinking toys
  • Bath crayons and water-safe art supplies

These toys encourage experimentation, refinement of motor skills, and discovery through sensory play.

18 Best Montessori Bath Toys

1. Waterfall Stacking Cups and Spoons Bath Toy

LZZAPJ 1-3 Year Old Bathtub Water Toys for Kids Age 2-4, Contains 4 Stacking Cups, 2 Boats 2 Whale-Shaped Spoons

2. Floating Boats with Bathing Spoon 11Pcs Montessori Bath Toys

Bath Toys Floating Boats with Bathing Spoon 11 PCS Bathtub Mold Free Bath Toy for Babies

3. Munchkin Falls STEM and Montessori Bath Toy

Munchkin Falls Baby and Toddler Bath Toy

4. Boon COGS Gear Baby Bath Toy

Boon COGS Baby Bath Toys - Gear Themed Sensory Baby Toys for Bathtub

5. Dr. Brown’s CleanUp Float & Hatch Dino Eggs Montessori Bath Toy

Dr. Brown's CleanUp Float & Hatch Dino Eggs Nesting Bath Toy, 6m+, BPA Free, Certified Plastic Neutral

6. Suction Bath Toys 24pcs Connect, Build, Create

BUNMO Suction Bath Toys 24pcs Connect, Build, Create

7. Boon PIPES Toddler Bath Toys

Boon PIPES Toddler Bath Toys - Toddler and Baby Bath Toys

8. Bathtub Alphabet Non-Toxic Foam Bath Toys

Non-Toxic Foam Bath Toys for Boys Girls - Wet & Stick - Bathtub Alphabet with Toy Organizer

9. Educational Bathtub Waterwheel Toy

TI-TOO Baby Bath Toys, Fun Simple Physics Educational Bathtub Water Toy for Toddlers 1 2 3 + Year Old Waterwheel

10. 10Pcs Suction Montessori Bath Toys for Kids

Suction Toys for Kids 10 Pcs Sucker Toys for Toddler Montessori Sensory Toys Sets Bathtub Wall

11. 8Pcs Stacking Cups with Numbers and Patterns

BOBXIN Stacking Cups Baby Building Toy

12. Cute Cartoon Animal Water Toys with Floating Shark Boats

Silicone Bath Toy Set for Babies and Toddlers - Perfect for Bath

13. Floating Wind-up Animal Bath Toys (Turtles, Whale, Dolphin, Penguin)

Baby Bath Toys,6 Pack Cute Swimming Water Bath Toys for Toddlers Boy Girls Toys

14. STEM Beaker and Pipes Silicone Bath Toy

Bath Toys for Kids Ages 4-8 Years with Bathtub Toy Holder, Soft Silicone Bath Toy

15. Foam Floating Bathtub Animal Numbers

Non-Toxic Bathtub Numbers - Best Foam Bath Toys - Educational Puzzles Floating Bathtub Animals

16. Stackable Floating Toy Bath Boats

mushie Stackable Bath Boats Toy Floating Bathtub Toys for Baby

17. Animal Baby Bath Toys

Mold Free Animal Baby Bath Toys for Toddlers Bathtub

18. Spruce Lab ABC Friends Magic Color Bath Books

Spruce Lab ABC Friends Magic Color Bath Books - 4 Bath Book Set - Educational Baby Bath Toys

Why Kids Need Montessori Bath Toys

Montessori bath toys provide important benefits for a child’s development and overall bath time experience:

  • Allow independence when playing with bath toys (even though you will be supervising in the bathroom) by letting kids play freely and at their own pace.
  • Promote fine motor skill development through toys that teach pouring, squeezing, scooping, twisting, and grasping.
  • Build concentration as they experiment and problem-solve with more advanced bath toys that involve building and pouring.
  • Provide open-ended play through toys with multiple functions – Stacking cups can be used to stack and they can be filled with water.
  • Introduce early math and science concepts like volume, cause-and-effect, and buoyancy with toys like Boon PIPES.
  • Make bath time more engaging, interactive, and fun – Kids actually look forward to playing with the fun toys in their bathtub.

The right bath toys turn tub time into a valuable learning opportunity. There are also different toys for different ages. As your children advance in their education, you can incorporate age-appropriate Montessori bath toys.

Types of Montessori Bath Toys

Here are common categories of Montessori bath toys and how they support development:

Pouring Toys

Toys such as pouring cups, buckets, funnels, beakers, and pitchers strengthen hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and spatial awareness. Children will learn how to scoop up water from the tub and pour it into pipes or a waterwheel, which also teaches cause and effect.

Squirt and Pump Toys

Squirt bottles and plastic pumps build finger dexterity and the understanding of cause and effect.

Strainers and Scoops

Tools like strainers, colanders, and scoops allow kids to transfer water and discover volume.

Sensory Toys

Water-safe toys with different textures, patterns, and colors spark sensory exploration.

Floating and Sinking Toys

Boats, beads, and objects that float or sink teach science concepts.

Bath Crayons and Art Supplies

Bath crayons, paintbrushes, and stickers encourage creativity and confidence.

Montessori toys like these nurture a young child’s whole development.

How to Incorporate Montessori Toys into Bath Time

Here are tips for integrating Montessori toys into your bathtime routine:

  • Offer toys that match your child’s current abilities
  • Demonstrate their use, then let your child take over
  • Rotate toys to maintain novelty
  • Store in baskets for easy access and tidy up
  • Allow free play and exploration
  • Be patient – let your child set the pace
  • Ask open-ended questions during play
  • Ensure safety with adult supervision

Providing child-led yet guided play with Montessori bath toys makes bath time a valuable learning experience.

Benefits of Montessori Bath Toys

Montessori bath toys offer many benefits that support children’s growth and development:

  • Develop fine motor control and coordination
  • Exercise problem-solving skills
  • Enhance concentration and focus
  • Introduce early STEM concepts
  • Sparking curiosity, creativity, and sensory exploration
  • Create special one-on-one parent-child bonding opportunities
  • Make bath time engaging and enjoyable

Purposeful play with Montessori bath toys nurtures your child’s mind, body, and spirit.

Best Ages for Montessori Bath Toys

Montessori toys are thoughtfully designed to match each stage of childhood development:

12-24 months: Simple pouring cups, sensory toys, chunky stacking cups

2-3 years: Scoops, colanders, floating boats, squirting toys

3-4 years: More complex building toys, water wheels, crayons


Pay attention to your child’s emerging abilities and interests when introducing new Montessori bath toys to match their development.

While all kids love a fun bubble bath, Montessori toys encourage learning through play during a simple daily routine. Give your little one tools to explore, create, and problem-solve during bath time.

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