15 Best Montessori Dinosaur Toys 2023

montessori dinosaur toys

I’m always amazed at how much my children love Dinosaurs. As soon as my wife and I added Montessori Dinosaur toys to our home, our children were hooked. The best part is that they learn while playing with toys they love.

There are something about Dinosaurs that interest children at a young age. As parents, we can nurture this fascination in a way that promotes learning and development. Dinosaur-themed toys allow kids to learn concepts like science, nature, vocabulary and more in an engaging and hands-on manner. That’s why I put together a list of the top-rated Montessori Dinosaur toys for kids.

Types of Dinosaur Montessori Toys

Dinosaur Puzzles

Dinosaur puzzles with large, easy-to-grasp knobs help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young children. As they learn to manipulate the pieces to complete the puzzles, it builds concentration and dexterity. Choose puzzles with thick, durable pieces and knobs suitable for small hands.

Dinosaur Figurines

Realistic dinosaur figurines spark pretend play as kids imagine epic adventures, habitats, and behaviors. Handling the textured toy dinosaurs improves tactile sensory perception. Look for anatomically accurate models with safe, high-quality materials.

Dinosaur Sorting and Matching Toys

Sorting and matching games allow children to learn how to categorize different dinosaur species, time periods, and traits. This teaches critical thinking skills and pattern recognition. Opt for games with distinct visual and tactile qualities to match.

Dinosaur Books

Books filled with vivid photographs of dinosaurs build language exposure as kids learn new names and facts. Engaging pictures paired with clear text promotes literacy skills. Choose books covering a variety of dinosaur topics kids find intriguing.

Dinosaur Dig Kits

Dinosaur dig kits encourage imaginative archaeological explorations as kids use included tools to excavate buried dinosaur bones and fossils. This allows them to roleplay paleontology and natural science discovery.

Noise-Making Dinosaur Toys

Toys that produce dinosaur sounds, roars, and cries provide auditory sensory stimulation. As kids press buttons and manipulate these toys, they strengthen their motor skills while learning more about the prehistoric sounds dinosaurs made.

15 Montessori Dinosaur Toys

All of the toys below will be great options for child development. There are dinosaur stacking toys, dinosaur sensory toys, and more. I chose toys that my children love to play with and toys that are highly rated.

1. Wooden Stacking Dinosaur Toys

FFTROC Montessori Toys Gifts for 2 3 4 Year Old Boys - Wooden Stacking Dinosaur Toys

This dinosaur stacking game is educational and helps kids develop concentration, thinking, and teamwork skills. It’s made of safe materials and makes a great gift for kids who love dinosaurs.

2. Montessori Mama Dinosaur Puzzle

MONTESSORI MAMA Toddler Puzzles for Kids Ages 3-5 Dinosaur Puzzle 5-Pack

These wooden puzzles are designed for kids aged 2-4 to help with cognitive learning, hand-eye coordination, and more. They have safe materials and cute designs, making them great gifts for toddlers.

3. The Fine Motor Dinosaur Toy

Toddler Montessori Toys Learning Activities Educational Dinosaur Games - Baby Sensory Fine Motor Skills Developmental Toys

These dinosaur toys help kids develop fine motor skills and learn about colors, sorting, and counting. They are made from safe materials and are great gifts for toddlers.

4. Dinosaur Wooden Montessori Stacking Toys

ACOUCB Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5, Wooden Stacking Toys, 16pcs Large Sensory Montessori Toys

These large dinosaur stacking blocks are designed for kids aged 3-5 and are easy to grasp, with colorful designs for hand-eye coordination. They help develop skills like balance, concentration, and fine motor skills and make a great gift for birthdays or holidays.

5. Montessori Preschool Learning Activities Busy Book

iGetooy Montessori Preschool Learning Activities Busy Book for Toddlers

The Dinosaur Busy Book is a learning tool for kids that covers various themes, including alphabet, colors, shapes, and more, helping them develop cognitive and practical skills. It also doubles as a drawing book with markers and comes with a carry bag, making it a useful educational tool for preschoolers, both at home and while traveling.

6. Wooden Dinosaur Stacking Toys

Samonyed Wooden Dinosaur Toys, Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5

This wooden stacking dinosaur toy comes with six different shapes of building blocks and wooden bases, serving as both a toy and room decoration. It’s made from safe, high-quality materials and helps children recognize dinosaurs while enhancing their balance, focus, logic, and hands-on skills.

7. Dinosaur Busy Board with 8 LED Light Switches

Dinosaur Busy Board with 8 LED Light switches, Toddler Montessori Busy Board

This toddler busy board features 8 LED light switches with dinosaur designs, providing a safe and quiet play option for kids who love lights and dinosaurs. It’s suitable for various settings like home, travel, and planes, promoting thinking and hands-on skills while recognizing colors and sizes.

8. Soft Silicone Stacking Toy Baby Dinosaur Montessori Toy

ANARI Soft Silicone Stacking Toy Dinosaur Montessori Toys for Babies

This soft silicone stacking toy serves as both a teether and a baby stacking toy, offering gentle relief for teething pain and promoting cognitive development through colors and shapes. It’s suitable for water activities like bath time and the beach and is easy to clean, making it a safe and modern choice for babies.

9. Toy Life Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles for Toddlers

TOY Life Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers 1-3, 7 Pack Dinosaur Baby Puzzle for Kid Age 1-3, Dinosaur Toys for Kids, Montessori Toys

This set of 7 dinosaur puzzles is designed for young kids with colorful pieces that are just the right size for small hands. They are safe and non-toxic, promoting problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills while making a great gift for birthdays or holidays.

10. Wooden Dinosaurs Train Set Montessori Educational Toy

Toddler Dinosaur Toys Age 2-4 IPOURUP Wooden Dinosaurs Train Set Montessori Educational Toys

Get ready for the dinosaur train! This wooden train set has 11 pieces, including an engine and dinosaur train cars with numbers and cute dinosaur patterns. It’s designed to help kids learn colors, numbers, and develop fine motor skills, making it a great gift for young dinosaur lovers.

11. Counting Dinosaurs Toys Matching Game

TSYAN Counting Dinosaurs Toys Matching Game for Kids with Sorting Bowls

This counting dinosaurs toy set comes with 48 colorful dinosaurs, 6 bowls, and more for sorting and counting fun. It helps kids learn colors, shapes, and improve hand-eye coordination, making it a recommended educational toy for preschool learning activities.

12. Dinosaur Math Balance Montessori Toy

Kaodezhu Dinosaur Math Balance Toys - Montessori Toys for 3 Years Old Kids

This dinosaur math balance toy comes with colorful number blocks and small dinosaur weights for balancing. It’s an educational tool that helps kids improve math skills and hand-eye coordination while making learning fun.

13. Counting Dinosaurs Montessori Toy

Yetonamr Counting Dinosaurs Montessori Toys for 3 4 5 Years Old Boys Girls

This set of Montessori dinosaur toys includes 48 multi-colored dinosaurs, sorting bowls, and tweezers. It helps kids learn early math, develop logical thinking, and improve core muscle control through sorting and counting activities.

14. Dinosaur Matching Eggs for Toddlers

MOONTOY Dinosaur Matching Eggs for Toddlers – 12 Pcs Color & Shape Dino Egg Puzzle Toy Set Montessori

These dinosaur-matching eggs come with colorful stickers, a blue egg holder, and 12 charming dinosaur eggs. They help kids learn colors and shapes. They can also improve fine motor skills through sorting and matching activities.

15. Dinosaur Sound Book with Roar Sounds and Dinosaur Toys

MAGICDINOSAUR Dinosaur Sound Book Toys with Roar Sounds, 12 Large Realistic Looking Dinosaur Figures

This dinosaur toy set includes 12 realistic-looking dinosaur figures and an interactive soundbook with roars. Kids can learn about dinosaurs and their sounds, sparking their curiosity about the prehistoric world.

Dinosaur Montessori Toys Gallery

5 Benefits of Montessori Dinosaur Toys

There are many benefits to incorporating dinosaur toys into Montessori play:

1. Encourage Curiosity and Intrigue

Dinosaur toys tap into children’s natural fascination with these prehistoric creatures. As kids play with dinosaur puzzles, toys, and games, it strengthens their curiosity about the natural world. Dinosaurs provide an engaging gateway to explore science and nature.

kids love dinosaur toys

2. Teach Scientific Concepts

Dinosaur toys allow kids to absorb concepts like paleontology, biology, and archeology in a hands-on manner. As children learn dinosaur names, time periods, and traits, they gain scientific knowledge about ancient life and evolution.

3. Expand Vocabulary With Challenging Dinosaur Names

With a whole new set of vocabulary words related to dinosaurs, their physical features, and the prehistoric world, Montessori dinosaur toys build language skills. Kids will eagerly pick up new terminology as they play.

4. Develop Coordination

Fitting together dinosaur puzzles, clasping figurines, and manipulating other dinosaur toys helps strengthen fine motor coordination. The hands-on nature of these toys aids manual dexterity and skill.

dinosaur stacking toys

5. Encourage Imaginative Play

Whether acting out stomping T-Rexes or brave archaeologist explorers, dinosaur toys spur storytelling and imaginative adventures. Open-ended play with dinosaurs boosts creativity.

Choosing Quality Montessori Dinosaur Toys

To pick the best Montessori Dinosaur Toys, you need to think about what your child needs for learning and growing. Here’s how to choose good ones that help your child learn and have fun:

1. Look at the Material: Check if the toys are made from wood or fabric. These materials are strong and feel nice to touch, which is good for your child’s senses.

2. Find Toys That Do Many Things: Choose toys that can be used in different ways. It’s better when a toy can be used for lots of types of play and can change as your child gets older.

3. Real-Looking Dinosaurs: Get toys that look like real dinosaurs. This helps your child learn more about these amazing creatures and makes them curious about nature.

give kids realistic dinosaur toys

4. Toys That Grow With Your Child: Some toys can change and become more interesting as your child grows. Look for these kinds of toys so your child stays interested.

5. Toys for Touch and Feel: Montessori Dinosaur Toys should let your child touch and explore. This helps them learn about shapes, how things feel, and how to use their hands.

How to Use Montessori Dinosaur Toys Effectively

Here are some tips for incorporating dinosaur toys into Montessori learning:

  • Bring in new dinosaur toys from time to time to keep things exciting.
  • Let your child decide how to play with the toys, instead of telling them what to do.
  • Ask questions that make your child think and have conversations while playing.
  • Make the toys a bit more challenging as your child learns new things.
  • Use figurines and other things to help your child pretend and use their imagination.
  • Along with toys, use books, videos, and visits to museums to learn more about dinosaurs.
  • Teach your child to take care of their toys by cleaning and organizing them.

Montessori Dinosaur Toys Pinterest Pin and Board

You can view our Pinterest board and find even more toys.

best montessori toys pinterest pin


It’s important to choose dinosaur toys that spark your child’s curiosity, help them learn in different ways, and show them how amazing nature can be. When you pick good Montessori dinosaur toys, you’re setting the stage for your child to love science and nature for a long time. So, go ahead and explore the world of dinosaur toys with your little explorer!

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