12 Best Montessori Math Toys 2023

montessori math toys

The Montessori method places a strong emphasis on using developmental materials and activities to foster math skills in children. specially designed Montessori math toys and manipulatives help make abstract concepts more concrete for children through hands-on learning. This comprehensive guide overviews what makes Montessori math toys unique, their key benefits for math comprehension and skills, recommended materials, and more.

What Are Montessori Math Toys?

Montessori math toys refer to the intentionally designed hands-on wooden, bead, and puzzle materials used to teach numeracy, operations, geometry, and mathematical reasoning. They offer a sensory way for children to grasp abstract concepts by physically handling the math manipulatives. Montessori math toys have simple designs and demonstrate specific mathematical concepts.

Key Characteristics of Montessori Math Toys

Authentic Montessori math materials have distinguishing characteristics:

  • Made from natural, unfinished materials like wood, beads, and cloth
  • Rely on colors, textures, shapes, and sizes to convey math concepts
  • Feature inviting, graspable pieces children can handle
  • Are organized from concrete to abstract
  • Isolate specific skills or concepts like counting, place value, or fractions
  • Allow self-correction of errors through hands-on manipulation
  • Promote understanding through experimentation and exploration

The materials create engaging math experiences centering on the child directing their own learning through active participation and discovery.

12 Montessori Math Toys

I pulled some of the top-rated math toys that you can find. I have also purchased some of these toys for my children and they loved playing with the ones I have listed here. They really enjoy playing with the peg boards and the finger counting math toy was great for teaching them basic math. While they are still learning numbers, addition, and multiplication, these toys have been great for engaging them and improving their math skills.

1. Asweets 2-in-1 Wooden Montessori Multiplication Addition Board Game

Asweets 2 in 1 Wooden Montessori Multiplication Addition Board Game Montessori Toy Educational Math Table Board Game Double-Sided Boards

The Asweets 2-in-1 Wooden Montessori Multiplication Addition Board Game is an educational math toy that helps kids recognize numbers and develop their intelligence and hand-eye coordination. Made of natural wood, it’s a durable and safe way to make learning math fun.
Ages: 4+

List Price: $15.99 – Best Price Below

2. Top Bright Finger Counting Math Toy

TOP BRIGHT Educational Learning Number Toy for Toddler - Finger Counting Math Toys, Homeschool Supplies for Math Manipulates, Teaching Early Education Toys for Kid Age 3+

Explore the TOP BRIGHT Educational Learning Number Toy for Toddlers, featuring vibrant wooden number blocks, double-sided learning flashcards, and more. It’s a fantastic educational tool designed to help kids aged 3+ learn foundational math skills while promoting creativity and problem-solving.
Ages: 3+

List Price: $24.99 – Best Price Below

3. Montessori Math Beads Counting Toy

Wooden Number Tracing Board Set, Toddler Montessori Math Beads Counting Toy, Preschool Learning and Educational Math Game for Kids

Explore the Wooden Number Tracing Board Set, an educational toy featuring number tracing boards, wooden counters, and more. It’s designed to help young children practice number recognition, counting, and fine motor skills, making math learning fun and hands-on.
Ages: 4+

List Price: $29.99 – Best Price Below

4. Wooden Math Number Blocks

Montessori Toys for Toddlers, Wooden Math Number Blocks Counting and Manipulative Toys, Basic Math Game

Discover Montessori Toys for Toddlers, an educational wooden math number block set. It includes colorful wood ring blocks, number tiles, and a holder, designed to help toddlers and kids aged 2-5 learn counting, math skills, and numeracy through interactive play.
Ages: 2+

List Price: $31.99 – Best Price Below

5. ROBUD Wooden Multiplication & Math Table Board Game

ROBUD Wooden Multiplication & Math Table Board Game, Kids Montessori Math Manipulatives Learning Toys Gift

Explore the ROBUD Wooden Multiplication & Math Table Board Game, a Montessori-inspired educational toy that comes with 100 wooden counting blocks. It’s designed to enhance math skills and is suitable for children aged 3 years and up.

List Price: $24.99 – Best Price Below

6. Wooden Montessori Math Counting Hundred Board Toy

GEMEM Wooden Montessori Math Counting Hundred Board Toys, 1-100 Consecutive Numbers Learning & Educational Game Toy for Kids Toddlers

Discover the GEMEM Wooden Montessori Math Counting Hundred Board, an educational toy that teaches basic numbers and math operations through colorful wooden pieces. Your child can enjoy various play options, from counting and arithmetic to creating patterns while enhancing essential skills.
Ages: 3+

List Price: $19.99 – Best Price Below

7. Montessori Golden Beads Math Toy

Kghios Montessori Golden Beads Materials Decimal System Bank Game Montessori Math Toys

Explore the Montessori Golden Beads Decimal System Bank Game, an educational tool for mathematics teaching. It includes various beads and cards to help children understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the decimal system.
Ages: 3+

List Price: $129.99 – Best Price Below

8. Montessori Wooden Counting Peg Board Toy

ISMETACU Montessori Wooden Counting Peg Board Toys for Kids 3 Year Olds - Math Manipulatives & Number Blocks for Kids Ages 3-5

Explore this Montessori Wooden Counting Peg Board, an educational tool designed for preschoolers. It helps children understand numbers, develop fine motor skills, and fosters cognitive development through interactive play.
Ages: 3+

List Price: $29.99 – Best Price Below

9. Counting Peg Board Montessori Math and Numbers

Counting Peg Board Montessori Math and Numbers for Kids Wooden Math Manipulatives Materials

Explore the Counting Peg Board, an educational tool designed to teach numbers and counting to children. Made from durable, sustainably sourced wood, this Montessori-approved material promotes tactile learning and safe play, with a storage box and bag included for convenience.
Ages: 4+

List Price: $39.99 – Best Price Below

10. Lydaz Blocks and Counting Montessori Math Manipulatives

Lydaz Montessori Math Manipulatives Toys, Kids Wooden Number Blocks Toys, Kindergarten Learning Education Toy, Preschool Classroom Must Haves, STEM Counting Puzzle Toy Gift

Explore the Lydaz Montessori Math Manipulatives Toy, a wooden educational puzzle with colorful blocks, numbers, and pictures. This toy helps toddlers develop shape, color, counting, and fine motor skills while enhancing memory and curiosity through interactive play.
Ages: 3+

List Price: $24.99 – Best Price Below

11. Dinosaur Math Balance Toy

Kaodezhu Dinosaur Math Balance Toys - Montessori Toys for 3 Years Old Kids, Learning and Educational Toys for Boys and Girls - Birthday Gifts for 4 5 6 7 Year Old Boys

Explore this dinosaur-themed educational toy set that includes a balance, colorful number blocks, small dinosaur weights, and math cards. It’s a fun way to improve math skills and hand-eye coordination while enjoying interactive learning activities.
Ages: 3+

List Price: $24.99 – Best Price Below

12. Counting Sticks Montessori Educational Math Toy

umbresen Counting Sticks Montessori Toys Math Educational Toy, Wooden Intelligence Sticks Number Cards and Counting Rods with Box

Explore these awesome counting sticks, a wooden educational toy that fosters color recognition and math skills. Enjoy quality bonding time with your child while enhancing their cognitive abilities and creativity through fun and interactive play.
Ages: 3+

List Price: $9.99 – Best Price Below

Montessori Math Toys Product Gallery

Montessori Math Toys Video

Recommended Ages for Math Toys

Montessori math materials align with developmental stages:

  • Ages 2-4: Simple counting objects and large math wooden blocks
  • Ages 4-6: Number rods, spindles, golden beads introduce operations
  • Ages 6-9: Fraction insets, square chains build early logic skills
  • Ages 9-12: Stamp game, binomial and trinomial cubes teach algebra

Children are first introduced to concrete concepts and then gradually transitioned to more abstract materials as their mathematical understanding grows.

3 Benefits of Montessori Math Toys

1. Hands-On Learning

Montessori math toys make abstract math concepts hands-on and visual, allowing children to engage with mathematical ideas in a tangible way. This hands-on approach helps in better understanding and retention of mathematical concepts.

2. Fostering Independence and Concentration

These toys encourage exploration, experimentation, and discovery, promoting children’s independence and self-directed learning. They also aid in developing focus, concentration, and the ability to persist in tasks, valuable skills for academic and life success.

3. Deep Mathematical Understanding

Montessori math materials teach mathematical reasoning step-by-step, providing a strong foundation for mathematical comprehension. Immediate feedback and self-correction further enhance the learning experience, helping children build confidence in their mathematical abilities and fostering a lifelong love for math.

Examples of Popular Math Materials

  • Number Rods – Ten colored rods that introduce counting, addition, and numbers.
  • Bead Bars – Chains of colored bead bars illustrate skip counting and multiplication.
  • Fraction Insets – Circular plastic trays with corresponding metal insets for learning equivalents.
  • Golden Beads – Sets of large golden beads representing quantities for learning operations
  • Colored Bead Staircases – Bars of cascading beads showing growing quantities and number systems
  • Stamp Game – A game using zero and nine stamps to physically form numbers for learning operations like addition and subtraction

3 Tips For Choosing High-Quality Montessori Math Toys

1. Prioritize Montessori Math Toys With Natural and Durable Materials

Opt for Montessori math toys crafted from natural, long-lasting materials. These toys not only withstand extended use but also offer a sensory-rich experience for children, enhancing their connection to the learning process.

2. Make Sure Your Montessori Math Toys Aren’t Too Small

Choose toys that are sized appropriately for a child’s hands and age. Avoid toys that are too small because you may start to lose the pieces. We all know how small children’s toys end up underneath the couch cushions. Montessori toys are designed with precision to match a child’s developmental stage, ensuring a comfortable and effective learning experience.

3. Look For Math Toys With Beautiful and Neutral Designs

Look for toys with beautiful and inviting presentations that captivate a child’s interest. Montessori materials are known for their aesthetic appeal, which draws children to explore and engage with them. Additionally, consider reputable manufacturers with expertise in creating Montessori educational tools. Ensure you’re investing in high-quality learning resources that support your child’s development.

FAQs for Montessori Math Toys

At what age should my child start using Montessori Math Toys?

They are typically suitable for children as young as 2 years old and can be used throughout their early childhood education. The materials are designed to adapt to a child’s developmental stage, making them appropriate for various age groups.

How do Montessori Math Toys differ from traditional math learning tools?

They differ by focusing on hands-on, self-guided learning. They encourage exploration and discovery rather than rote memorization. Traditional tools often rely on worksheets and teacher-led instruction, while Montessori materials empower children to learn at their own pace.

How do I choose the right Montessori Math Toys for my child?

Consider your child’s age and skill level when selecting Math Toys. Look for materials that align with their developmental stage and interests. Ensure the toys are made from natural, durable materials and are appropriately sized for their hands.

How do Montessori Math Toys help children develop problem-solving skills?

They encourage children to explore mathematical concepts through trial and error. This process fosters problem-solving skills as they discover patterns, make connections, and find solutions independently.

Can Montessori Math Toys be used for homeschooling?

Absolutely! These toys are an excellent resource for homeschooling. They provide a structured and engaging way to introduce and reinforce mathematical concepts while allowing children to learn at their own pace.


Math toys allow children to actively improve their math knowledge. Montessori toys will help children learn math while doing hands-on activities. They can help increase logic and understanding of mathematical concepts. The toys above teach numbers, addition, and subtraction. When children explore mathematical relationships for themselves through well-made math toys and activities, they gain confidence and a passion for numbers.

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