Montessori Botany Cabinets: The Complete Guide

montessori botany cabinets

A Montessori Botany Cabinet is designed to introduce children to the world of botany through hands-on learning. As someone who loves plants, flowers, and gardening, I like passing these interests on to my children in any way that I can. Understanding different plants and how they grow has made me appreciate the nature around me more, so I hope my kids feel the same way. That’s why I love Montessori botany cabinets and why I put together some of my favorite options for sale below.

What is a Montessori Botany Cabinet?

A Montessori Botany Cabinet is a wooden cabinet with multiple drawers that contain various components related to botany. The cabinet consists of wooden drawers that contain leaf-shaped insets and matching leaf cards. It is a specially designed material that helps children explore the world of plants and learn about different types of leaves.

what is a montessori botany cabinet

Video Example of a Montessori Botany Cabinet

3 Best Montessori Botany Cabinets

If you’re interested in buying a Montessori botany cabinet, we have 3 of the top-rated products available below.

DANNI Montessori Botany Leaf Cabinet

The DANNI Baby Montessori Botany Leaf Cabinet is a wooden cabinet with four drawers containing metal leaf-shaped insets of various botanical forms that allow children to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and early botany knowledge.

Kinderhuis Botany Leaf Cabinet 18 Inserts Set

The Kinderhuis Botany Leaf Cabinet is a high quality wood 3-drawer cabinet containing 18 metal leaf-shaped insets, nomenclature cards, and a control chart that provides AMI-approved Montessori botany materials.


The MONTESSORI OUTLET Botany Cabinet is a Baltic birch plywood and beechwood 3-drawer cabinet with 18 leaf-shaped insets that teaches toddlers and preschoolers to identify, match, and name different leaf shapes.

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Benefits of using a Montessori Botany Cabinet

The Montessori Botany Cabinet is a great way for kids to learn about plants. My daughter had so much fun using it for the first time. When she traced the metal leaf shapes, she was so excited to feel the textures of the different oak and maple leaves. Running her fingers over the leaves helped her understand and remember the different shapes and names.

Photo of a 2-year-old girl playing outside with a Montessori botany cabinet.
Photo of a 2-year-old girl playing outside with a Montessori botany cabinet.

The cabinet also sparked her curiosity about nature. After tracing the leaf shapes, she wanted to go outside immediately to find matching leaves on our trees. It made botany fun and interesting for her.

Overall, the Montessori Botany Cabinet gives kids a fun, multi-sensory experience that gets them loving botany. I’m so happy with how much my daughter has learned just by playing with it. It’s been a great addition to her learning.

How the cabinet helps Kids learn about plants

The Montessori Botany Cabinet lets kids learn about plants in a hands-on way. The leaf-shaped pieces in the drawers encourage children to explore the different shapes. As they trace the leaf shapes with their fingers, they improve their fine motor skills. They also get to feel and understand the different leaf forms.

The matching cards let kids match the metal leaf pieces with the picture cards. This helps them learn the names and shapes of the leaves. You can also use the wooden frame to identify leaf shapes when you’re outside in nature. With the cabinet, children actively play and learn about botany concepts.

girl playing with a montessori botany cabinet
Girl playing outside with a Montessori botany cabinet.

How to use a Montessori Botany Cabinet?

Child using a montessori botany cabinet drawer in a montessori classroom
Child using a Montessori botany cabinet drawer in a Montessori classroom.

Using a Montessori Botany Cabinet is a simple and engaging process.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the wooden drawers of the cabinet.
  2. Select a leaf-shaped inset from one of the drawers.
  3. Place the inset on a flat surface and trace the outline of the leaf shape.
  4. Repeat this process with different leaf-shaped insets, exploring the various forms.
  5. After tracing the leaf shapes, match them with the corresponding leaf cards in the cabinet.
  6. Identify the leaf shapes and their names on the cards, further reinforcing learning.
  7. Use the frame provided to identify leaf shapes in the environment. Take the frame outside and align it with leaves to observe their shapes.

Considerations when buying a Montessori Botany Cabinet

When buying a Montessori Botany Cabinet, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, ensure that the cabinet is made of high-quality wood to ensure durability. Look for cabinets that have three drawers and come with at least 18 leaf-shaped insets. This provides a wide range of leaf shapes for children to explore. Additionally, check if the cabinet includes frames for leaf shape identification, as this adds an extra element of learning. Finally, consider the reputation of the supplier and read reviews from other customers to ensure you are purchasing a premium quality Montessori Botany Cabinet.

Photo of a child planting seeds and gardening.
Photo of a child planting seeds and gardening.

components of a Montessori Botany Cabinet

parts of a montessori botany cabinet
Components of a Montessori botany cabinet.

Wooden drawers in the cabinet

The Montessori Botany Cabinet typically consists of wooden drawers. These drawers are designed to hold the various components of the cabinet, such as the leaf-shaped insets and leaf cards. The wooden construction ensures the durability of the cabinet and gives it a natural, aesthetic appeal.

Leaf-shaped insets in the drawers

The drawers of the Montessori Botany Cabinet contain leaf-shaped insets. These insets are made of wood and represent different types of leaf shapes. Children can trace the outlines of these leaves, promoting fine motor skills and familiarity with different leaf forms.

Leaf cards for matching the shapes

Included with the Montessori Botany Cabinet are leaf cards. These cards feature the corresponding leaf shapes that are present in the cabinet’s drawers. Children can match the traced leaf shapes with the appropriate leaf cards, reinforcing their understanding of leaf shapes and their names.

4 Reasons to Get a Montessori Botany Cabinet

A Montessori Botany Cabinet helps kids learn about plants in fun, hands-on ways. Here are 4 key benefits:

  1. The cabinet has a wooden frame kids can use outside to match and identify leaf shapes in nature. This connects the learning to the real world.
  2. It provides active, tactile learning. Kids understand more when they can touch and play with objects.
  3. The hands-on activities get kids curious and excited about plants and nature. This curiosity helps them want to learn more.
  4. Tracing the leaf shapes improves kids’ finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination. This builds crucial fine motor skills.
Teach kids botany and gardening and they will love it.


Overall, the Montessori Botany Cabinet gives kids an engaging, multisensory experience that fosters botanical knowledge and skills. The hands-on learning approach sticks with children better than just looking at pictures. Consider getting one for your kids to enrich their early learning.

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