Are Montessori Beds Safe?

montessori beds for kids rooms are safe


Montessori beds are a safe sleeping option for children. You just need to make sure you set up your child’s bedroom to be completely safe.

Montessori Bed Safety Tips

  • Choose a sturdy, well-built bed frame low to the ground. Avoid elaborate overhead structures that could destabilize the bed.
  • Use a snug-fitting mattress specifically made for toddler beds. Don’t use loose bedding that could bunch up and pose a suffocation risk.
  • Don’t place furniture near the bed that kids could climb on and fall from. Remove any hazards in the nearby vicinity.
  • Ensure the bed is an appropriate size for your child’s age and stage. Very young infants should remain in a crib.
  • Never place soft bedding, blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals in a Montessori floor bed for babies under 1 year. This reduces SIDS risk.
  • If using a mattress directly on the floor, make sure the floor is clean and free of hazards. Consider using a hypoallergenic mattress cover.
  • Explain safe sleep rules to older children transitioning from cribs. Supervise their bedtime routines.
  • Check on sleeping children frequently and re-secure any bed rails. Don’t allow kids to play unsupervised near floor beds.
are montessori beds safe

Final Words

Yes, Montessori beds are a safe option.

With proper precautions, Montessori-style floor beds can be a safe alternative sleeping option for your kids. As always, discuss options with your pediatrician as well.

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