Tips For Packing Airplane Toys For Kids

toys for airplane travel for kids

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This post provides tips on choosing the best toys to pack for kids during airplane travel. It covers soft toys, electronics, activity books, building toys, art supplies, familiar items, and headphones. My suggestions would include bringing your kids favorite small, quiet toys, packing an LCD writing tablet, packing a small busy board, and packing activity books such as a search and find book for kids.

9 Great Toys For Airplane Travel

Skillmatics Preschool Learning Activity - Search and Find Educational Game

Skillmatics Preschool Learning Activity - Search and Find Educational Game

The Search & Find activity set has 12 reusable mats that help kids improve vocabulary and reasoning through fun activities. The set comes with tools like dry-erase pens and is designed for repeated use, focusing on various themes like parks, space, and farms.

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CUBIDI® Magic Snake Cube Fidget Snake Travel Toy for Kids - Set of 6

CUBIDI® Magic Snake Cube Fidget Snake Travel Toy for Kids - Set of 6

The CUBIDI® Magic Snake Cube is a fidget toy for kids aged 4-8 that can transform into over 100 shapes like animals, making it a fun travel activity and a great gift. It not only keeps kids entertained but also helps those with ADHD or high stress to focus and reduce stress.

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7 Best Types of Airplane Toys For Kids

Long flights can be difficult for kids. The right toys can make all the difference in keeping them engaged and minimizing fussiness during air travel. Follow these tips when choosing toys to pack for your child’s next airplane trip.

1. Pack Small Soft Toys, Such As Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals, plush dolls, and squishy toys provide comfort and familiarity. They encourage imagination and are perfect for naptime cuddling. Choose a special new soft toy to make the trip extra fun. A favorite blanket or pillow can also provide comfort.

2. Include Interactive Electronics and Games

Tablets loaded with games, movies, and interactive books are excellent for entertainment. Handheld gaming devices also keep kids engaged. Be sure your electronics are fully charged before the trip! Bring portable chargers in case the battery runs low. My kids would love playing with a Nintendo Switch and you can actually download the games directly on the Switch itself. That made it much easier during playtime.

3. Pack Engaging Activity Books

Coloring books, sticker books, word searches, and puzzles like Sudoku provide tons of on-board fun. Activity books also boost learning and keep kids busy and quiet on the plane. Choose a variety of activity books to provide options. My kids loved playing with a search-and-find book where they would have to find certain animals throughout a book page.

4. Toss in Connected Fidget Toys

Do not bring those Legos on the plane! You can find a variety of connected toys that allow kids to play without making a mess. My kids like playing with the snake fidget toy above because they can put it into different shapes with ease. You can also try using a Rubik’s cube.

Child on an airplane playing with a toy.
Child on an airplane playing with a toy.

5. Don’t Forget Mess-Free Art Supplies

If you’re going on the airplane, you want to find some mess-free art toys. There are a variety of options from brands like Crayola that are great for kids. I love bringing an LCD drawing tablet because they are very thin, easy to pack, and they can fit in a backpack easily. Kids can draw and write on them throughout the flight. They are also very lightweight.

6. Bring Your Child’s Favorite Toys

My kids loved to travel with their small Spider-Man toys. They have Spider-Man, Spin, and Ghost Spider cars from Spidey and His Amazing Friends. Pack your child’s favorite doll, action figure, or cuddly friend. Familiar objects provide comfort in new environments. Let your child select their toys before the trip and make sure they are quiet.

Animated photo of a child on an airplane with his mom next to him.
Animated photo of a child on an airplane with his mom next to him.

7. Bring Child-Size Headphones

Wearing kid-friendly headphones makes videos, games, and music an immersive, peaceful experience. Sound-limiting headphones protect hearing.

Photograph of a child looking out the window on an airplane with headphones on.
Photograph of a child looking out the window on an airplane with headphones on.

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How To Choose the Best Airplane Toys for Kids

Traveling by plane with young kids can be challenging. However, bringing the right toys can make a huge difference in keeping children entertained, engaged, and calm during flights. This article explores tips for choosing appropriate airplane toys so your next trip is smooth and enjoyable.

Why Toys Are Essential for Airplane Travel with Kids

Toys serve several important purposes when flying with children:

  • They prevent boredom and fussiness during long flights.
  • Quiet toys allow children to play independently without disturbing others.
  • Interactive toys provide mental stimulation and engagement.
  • Creative toys encourage imagination and self-expression.

By packing a variety of appropriate toys, parents can ensure kids stay occupied, content, and distracted from the stresses of traveling.

3 Factors to Consider When Selecting Airplane Toys

When choosing which toys to bring on a flight, keep these key factors in mind:

1. Toy Portability

Toys must be lightweight and compact enough to fit in a carry-on bag. This allows easy access during the flight.

2. Durability

Look for sturdy toys that can withstand being dropped or mishandled during travel.

3. Noise Level

It’s essential to choose quiet toys out of respect for other passengers.

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