12 Best Montessori Wooden Toys 2023

best montessori wooden toys

Montessori wooden toys are a very popular option for kids. They are perfect when it comes to teaching children important skills and they are great for independent play. As a parent to 3 children, I can tell you from experience that they keep kids busy and learning. We have even passed down some of these toys from our twin boys to our daughter. Not only are they gender-neutral, they will help with development.

What Are Montessori Wooden Toys?

Montessori wooden toys refer to the intentionally created, unfinished wooden toys and wooden play materials used in Montessori school environments and at home. They are constructed from natural, unvarnished wood in simple designs. My children absolutely love Montessori wooden toys and they have been helpful for teaching them puzzle skills and the alphabet. The materials serve a direct developmental purpose tailored for specific ages and skills. Montessori toys range from geometric wooden puzzles to wooden stacking blocks and more. While Montessori toys are generally not overly colorful or bright, you can still use bright colors because they can teach colors and other important life skills.

Why Use Montessori Wooden Toys

Wooden toys can be incorporated into the Montessori method to provide a hands-on learning experience for children. An integral part of the Montessori classroom is the purposeful, high-quality wooden toys and manipulatives designed to stimulate specific skills in children. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what makes Montessori wooden toys unique and the benefits they provide for a child’s growth and learning at different stages.

Best Montessori Wooden Toys

We listed some of our favorite wooden toys below. My twin boys loved playing with some of these toys and my baby daughter is starting to play with them too. Hopefully, these are perfect whether you are buying them for your children or as a gift.

1. Wooden Montessori Toys Toddler Play Kit

Montessori Box Toys Toddler Play Kit Coin Box, Carrot Harvest Game and Matchstick Color Drop Game

2. Educational Montessori Wooden Shape Sorting Toys

Toddlers Montessori Wooden Educational Toys for Baby Boys Girls Age 2 3 4 Year Old, Shape Sorting Toys Gifts for Kids 2-4

3. Ulanik Balls in Cups Montessori Toy Wooden Sorter Game

Ulanik Balls in Cups Montessori Toy Wooden Sorter Game 12 Balls 30 mm Age 1+ Color Sorting and Counting Preschool Learning Education

4. Mushroom Harvest Wooden Montessori Toy

NAODONGLI Wooden Montessori Toys for Toddler,Educational Toys for 3 Year Old,STEM Toys Mushroom Harvest Game

5. Dailyfunn Montessori Color & Shape Sorting Wooden Toy

Dailyfunn Montessori Toys Color&Shape Sorting Learning Matching Box for Baby Toddlers 1-3 Year Old

6. BESTAMTOY 36 PCS Wooden Sorting Stacking Stones

BESTAMTOY 36 PCS Wooden Sorting Stacking Rocks Stones,Sensory Toddler Toys Learning Montessori Toys

7. Adena Montessori Colorful Multiple 10 Pieces Shape Puzzles

Adena Montessori Colorful Multiple 10 Pieces Shape Puzzles Toys for 1 2 3 Years Old Toddler Geometric Jumbo Wooden Puzzles

8. Spinning Drum Montessori Toy

Full Size Spinning Drum Montessori Toys for Infant 6 - 12 Months 1 Year Old Babies Toddlers

9. AZEN 2Pack Montessori Wooden Sorting & Stacking Toy

AZEN 2Pack Montessori Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys Girls, Wooden Sorting & Stacking Toys, Toddler Learning Shape Sorter Educational Toys

10. Diaodey Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game for Toddlers

Diaodey Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game for Toddlers, Montessori Fine Motor Skills Toy with Letters and Numbers

11. JUSTWOOD Montessori Wooden Play Kit Includes Object Permanent Box

JUSTWOOD Montessori Toys for 1 2 3 Years Old Kids, 8-in-1 Wooden Play Kit Includes Object Permanent Box

12. RELODICA Montessori Toddler Busy Board

RELODICA Montessori Toddler Busy Board - Wooden Sensory Toys

Key Characteristics of Montessori Wood Toys

The minimalist wooden design enables children to focus on imagination, creativity, and the intended lesson rather than flashy distracting elements. Here are some defining characteristics of authentic Montessori wooden toys:

  • They are made from high-quality, natural wood like maple, beech, or birch.
  • Unfinished and unpainted wood that showcases the organic texture and grain patterns.
  • Free of plastic, bright colors, or excessive ornamentation.
  • Simple and sturdy constructions focusing on natural shapes and forms.
  • Often multipurpose with more than one way to engage and play.
  • Designed to develop cognitive, sensory, motor, and practical life skills.

Educational Goals and Benefits

Montessori wooden toys foster learning and development in children from toddlerhood to around age 6. Here are some key benefits:

Enhances Sensorimotor Skills

Toys like stacking blocks, nesting bowls, and bead mazes hone visual and spatial processing, hand-eye coordination, and motor control.

Builds Concentration and Focus

The simple wooden toys train prolonged concentration critical for learning rather than overstimulation.

Allows Open-Ended, Imaginative Play

Rather than dictating play like plastic toys, wooden toys encourage creative, self-directed play.

Develops Independence and Control

Children gain confidence when playing with toys and making decisions independently. This leads to more internal motivation and more independence. Children should all develop independence skills because they are valuable later in life.

Sharpens Cognitive Abilities

Wooden puzzles, memory games, and manipulatives build cognitive skills like logic, sorting, and sequencing. When children are trying to sort or match, it can help develop their brains.

Prepares for Advanced Concepts

The Montessori materials establish foundations for literacy, math, science, and cultural concepts introduced down the line.

Skills That Develop With Montessori Wooden Toys

Some top Montessori wooden toys for core developmental areas include:

Sensory and Motor Skills – Stacking rings, nesting bowls, dropper boxes, shape sorters

Practical Life Skills – Dressing frames, screw and bolt boards, pouring jugs

Language – Sandpaper letters, moveable alphabets, word-building cards

Mathematics – Fraction circles, golden bead materials, number rods

Cultural Studies – Geography puzzle maps, history timelines, music bells

Choosing Quality Montessori Toys

Look for these hallmarks of high quality when selecting Montessori wooden toys:

  • Crafted from natural wood like solid beech or maple
  • Smoothly sanded edges for safety
  • Durable, sturdy construction with no hazards
  • Non-toxic finishes like beeswax or food-grade oils
  • Vibrant grains and wood patterns
  • The company has expertise in Montessori materials

While more expensive than regular toys, Montessori-approved wooden toys are investments made to last through years of use.


Montessori wooden toys offer a unique, interactive way for children to absorb critical developmental skills and knowledge. The unfinished wood allows creativity to flourish while building concentration and independence. By providing children with quality wooden manipulatives tailored to expand specific abilities at different milestones, we foster a lifetime love of exploration and learning.

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