14 Best DIY STEM Kits 2023

STEM Activities into Your Child’s Daily Routine

DIY STEM kits are on of the best ways to contribute to STEM learning at a young age. STEM stands for Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which are very important concepts for children to learn. These kits provide children with an engaging way to explore scientific concepts and conduct experiments on their own or with the help of adults. Let’s discuss some of the top-rated and best STEM toy kits and why they are an essential addition to any child’s educational journey.

14 Best DIY STEM Kits

1. Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit

This chemistry set comes with a range of vessels and lab equipment, allowing kids to perform approximately 20 different experiments. From slimy and fizzy reactions to colorful and bubbly experiments, there’s something for every young scientist to explore.

2. Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

4M Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit - 7 Crystal Science Experiments with Display Cases

With this kit, kids can grow beautiful, real crystals that they can keep and display. The kit includes crystal compounds, seven display domes, stirring supplies, and clear and easy-to-follow instructions. The Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit is recommended for ages 10 and up, making it an ideal STEM gift for kids.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit - Over 15 Science Experiments & STEM Activities for Kids

With over 15 science experiments to conduct, this kit includes everything your child needs to grow real crystals, build and erupt a reusable volcano, and generate whirling water tornadoes. The kit also comes with rose quartz specimens, pyrite pieces (fool’s gold), and glow-in-the-dark vortex materials to help your child learn about gemstones and the science behind them. You can even start a rock collection with the specimens included!

4. AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope

Featuring six magnifications ranging from 120X to 1200X, a single coaxial coarse focus knob, and a specimen stage with two built-in stage clips, this microscope offers a versatile and easy-to-use design. You can illuminate your specimens with either natural light through a mirror or the built-in LED light that provides direct control of light.

5. Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Exploration Kit

Get ready for an electrifying adventure with this Snap Circuits Kit, the perfect way for kids aged 8+ to explore the wonders of electrical engineering through over 200 unique projects, from games with sounds and lights to spinning LED messages. This 36-piece set, which requires no tools or soldering, promotes learning through hands-on play and building, all the while sparking a lifelong passion for circuitry and creativity. When it comes to DIY STEM Kits, this is one of the top-rated products you can purchase.

6. Giggleway Electric Motor DIY Robotic Science Kits

Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits, DIY STEM Toys for Kids, Building Science Experiment Kits for Boys and Girls-Doodling, Balance Car

Inspire your 8-12 year old to dive into the world of DIY science with these fun-filled Science Kits, where they can build their own robots and learn through hands-on activities. The kit, including parts for an electric balance car, a doodling robot, and a reptile robot, not only makes learning exciting but also enhances understanding of simple circuits, motors, and engineering principles, sparking their curiosity and creativity.

7. Playz 52 Extreme Kids Chemistry Experiments Set

Playz 52 Extreme Kids Chemistry Experiments Set - STEM Activities & Science Kits for Kids Age 8-12 with 51+ Tools

Step into the world of scientific discovery with this exciting Chemistry Set, designed to bring STEM concepts to life for kids aged 8-12 through over 52 hands-on experiments, including underwater volcanoes, testing pH, and much more. This all-in-one kit, a perfect Christmas or birthday gift, sparks learning potential in young minds and comes with a colorful, easy-to-follow guide, making it a fantastic option for school projects and science fairs.

8. Playz V8 Combustion Engine STEM Model Building Kit

Playz V8 Combustion Engine Model Building Kit for Kids, Adults - STEM Hobby Toy, Educational Engineering & Science Kit for Aspiring Engineers

Introduce your child to the wonders of mechanical engineering with this Playz Kids DIY Toy V8 Combustion Engine Model Kit – a working miniature replica of a classic four-cycle, 8-cylinder gasoline car engine that’s both educational and fun. Let your kids tinker with cranks, pulleys, belts, and exhaust valves, assembling an engine model that comes to life with real engine sounds and moving parts – a thrilling and educational adventure for curious minds aged 12-60 and beyond.

9. Learn Robotics with Butterfly EduFields

Experience the fun of home automation with this DIY kit, allowing your child to construct over 40 projects including a Door Bell, Fan Controller, Line Following Car, and even a Flame Extinguisher Robot, all leading to over 50 hours of engaging learning. It’s a simple plug-and-play kit that enhances creativity and problem-solving skills, teaching kids the basics of circuits and fostering an interest in engineering without requiring any soldering or coding knowledge.

10. Butterfly Edufields Science Kit – 65+ STEM Projects

Butterfly EduFields’ educational science kit offers over 65 STEM activities, encouraging hours of imaginative play and learning with projects that help develop electronics and mechanical skills. This DIY kit, featuring 60 unique and 40 reusable pieces, lets children create exciting prototypes like a Solar Car, Walking Robot, or Water alarm system, providing a delightful alternative to screen time while enhancing their creativity and skills with premium, child-safe materials.

11. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 100-Piece Makeway Magnetic Marble Run

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 100-Piece Makeway Magnetic Marble Run - STEM Building Set for Kids & Adults

Unleash endless creativity with the most exciting marble run kit yet, featuring 100 pieces. It includes a magnetic board, tracks, trick pieces, and marbles that allow you to design, build, and adjust on any magnetic surface. This innovative engineering toy, designed to foster problem-solving and understanding of physics principles, offers secure snap-fit connectors for frustration-free fun and a detailed learning guide to nurture your thinking like an engineer.

12. MEL Physics — Science Experiments Subscription Box for Kids DIY Engineering Kit

MEL Physics — Science Experiments Subscription Box for Kids DIY Engineering Kit Learning & Education Toys for Boys and Girls STEM Projects Ages 8+

Check out this monthly subscription box that delivers three exciting and hands-on experiments to your door, complete with all the necessary equipment. Each kit, perfect for kids ages 8-12, explores a new topic, involves assembling each part for a true STEM experience, and includes understandable instructions, lessons, and lifetime access to hundreds of DIY experiments, AR lessons, and science articles.

13. Geeek Club Robot Building STEM Kit for Kids and Adults

Geeek Club Robot Building Kit for Kids and Adults - Smart Nano Bots STEM Robotics Kits with Tools - Educational DIY Build Your Own Robot Set

Dive into the world of robotics with Geeek Club Smart Nano Bots, a fun and educational kit that teaches kids about engineering and machine design through building 7 light-seeking robots. Easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary accessories are included, making assembly a breeze while nurturing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development in young scientists and budding engineers.

14. Dino Soap Making Kit for Kids – Dinosaur Science Toys Kits

Dino Soap Making Kit for Kids - Dinosaur Science Toys Kits - Gifts for Kids All Ages - STEM DIY Activity Craft Kits

Bring out your inner paleontologist and make your bath time fun with this Dino Soap Making Kit. You can create your very own T-rex, Styracosaurus and Stegosaurus soaps while learning fascinating dinosaur facts. The kit includes everything you need – soap base, fragrances, colors, glitter, dinosaur molds and more – making it a perfect STEM activity that combines science and play, fostering a love for paleontology in a uniquely engaging way.

Learning Scientific Concepts through STEM Science Kits

STEM Science Kits are a fantastic way to enhance a child’s understanding of scientific concepts. From electricity to biology, STEM kits offer a hands-on approach to learning that allows children to explore and experiment with the fundamental principles of these subjects.

stem toys help children learn and develop

These kits are designed to make complicated scientific concepts easily accessible and understandable, providing a fun and engaging learning experience both in the classroom and at home. Not only do they aid in the understanding of the scientific concepts covered, but children also gain important scientific inquiry skills, such as observation and experimentation, through the use of STEM Science Kits. With a plethora of options available, there is truly something for every young scientist to learn and enjoy!

girl doing a science experiment to learn stem concepts

3 Benefits of Using DIY STEM Kits for Science Experiments

STEM science experiment kits offer numerous benefits for students of all grade levels. Not only do they provide regular interactions and instruction in science, but they also encourage creativity and teamwork. With different experiments, students can increase their knowledge of scientific concepts. Here are 3 benefits that kids can get from playing with science toys and kits:

1. Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

DIY STEM kits can help children develop and enhance their problem-solving skills. These kits often present children with challenges that they need to overcome using logical thinking, analysis, and experimentation. This kind of problem-solving experience can prove valuable in many areas of life and study.

2. Stimulates Creativity and Innovation

These kits often require a level of creative thinking, allowing children to test and implement their own ideas. This helps stimulate innovation, encouraging children to think beyond traditional methods and assumptions. Moreover, the hands-on nature of these kits allows children to directly engage with and understand the practical applications of their ideas, which can further enhance their creative thinking skills.

diy stem kits help children with creativity and learning science

3. Promotes Independent Learning and Exploration

DIY STEM kits give children the opportunity to learn at their own pace, explore their interests, and discover new concepts and ideas. They can follow instructions to complete projects, but there’s also plenty of room for exploration and experimentation. This can lead to a better understanding of scientific concepts and a greater interest in learning.

6 Fun DIY Science Experiments

Here are some more fun and educational activities that children can try at home using common household items:

  • Build a volcano: This classic experiment involves combining baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring to create a volcanic eruption.
  • Create a homemade lava lamp: Using a clear plastic bottle, water, vegetable oil, food coloring, and an Alka-Seltzer tablet, children can make a mesmerizing lava lamp.
  • Conduct a sink or float experiment: Children can test different objects in water to see if they sink or float and record their observations in a chart.
  • Make a rain cloud in a jar: By filling a glass jar with water, adding shaving cream to represent clouds, and dropping blue food coloring onto the shaving cream, children can create a rain-like effect.
  • Grow crystals: Using borax, water, and pipe cleaners, children can create their own crystals with various shapes and colors.
  • Make slime: Children can create their own slime using glue, borax, and food coloring while experimenting with different ingredients and textures to achieve their preferred slime.

FAQs for DIY STEM Kits

Below, we tried to answer any questions that you may still have. Hopefully, we have convinced you to try some of the engaging STEM products for sale above. Kids love them and they have plenty of benefits for their education and development.

What is a DIY STEM Kit?

A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Kit is an educational package that contains all the necessary tools, materials, and instructions needed for children to engage in hands-on STEM-related projects. These kits encourage learning through experimentation and application of scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical concepts.

robotic stem kit toys

How can I do STEM kits at home with kids?

Doing STEM kits at home with kids involves following the instructions included in the kit, which guides you through the steps to complete the project. Parents can help their children understand the underlying concepts and applications while ensuring they use the materials safely and effectively.

What are some good STEM projects for kids?

Some good STEM projects for kids include building a model volcano, creating a solar-powered car, making a DIY microscope, constructing a circuit board, coding a simple video game, and experimenting with plant growth. These projects encompass various fields of STEM and help kids understand scientific principles through hands-on activities.

What does STEM kit stand for?

STEM kit stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics kit. These kits provide children with hands-on activities that incorporate learning objectives across these four areas, encouraging them to apply academic knowledge in practical, real-world scenarios.

what is a stem kit

Why buy STEM toys?

STEM toys are a great investment because they provide educational and entertaining experiences for children. They promote hands-on learning, boost problem-solving skills, and foster a love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, all of which are crucial for children’s cognitive development and future career opportunities.

Are STEM Kits good for kids?

Yes, STEM Kits are beneficial for kids as they encourage active learning and boost critical thinking skills. They offer children a practical way to explore STEM concepts, enhance their creativity, and develop problem-solving abilities, all while having fun.


DIY STEM Kits are one of the best ways to teach kids scientific concepts. There are so many different kits that you can create. If you want some fun, creative projects, you will love the products we have for sale above.

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