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    LOGICAL DEVELOPMENT – Yaani’s multilayer geo puzzle includes the base board and 9 different geometric shapes. This toy practices precise hand movements to develop hand, wrist, and finger dexterity. These nifty hand movements develop hand eye coordination as your toddler continues to grow.
    COGNITION & MEMORY – This toy will teach your child recognition of different shapes and how they interact with one another. This will drive your toddler to learn how to better process and organize information, to form a baseline of understanding how the world works. Toddlers at play will experiment, think, and problem solve while learning how the toy works.
    EXPLORE – By around 16-18 months, your toddler might be able to sort objects by shape, color, and size. Toddlers are determined to try everything to figure out how they work. This toy is designed to engage their curiosity and challenge them to figure out how this puzzle works.