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  • LITTLE BUD KIDS Counting Pegs – A Ten Frame Math Game with Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards, A Wooden Montessori Math Toy & Math Manipulatives Number Peg Boards for Kids 3 4 5 6 7


    MASTER NUMBER SENSE: Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs Board Math set is an all-in-one set to introduce children to the world of numbers. This Montessori-inspired set makes learning math fun; children start off by pegging wooden pegs to learn counting, ordering, matching, & sight recognition. Thereafter children are able to use this same set to explore addition, subtraction, & place value all the way to number 20.
    TACTILE TEN FRAME TOOL: Our number panels are arranged in the style of the ten frame, a tool used in kindergarten math to teach visual recognition of numbers. The ten frame is a rectangle made up of 2 rows of 5 squares and helps children quickly compose and decompose numbers in relation to 5 & 10. Using this design discourages random one-by-one counting, and instead promotes mental regrouping.
    GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD: This versatile learning tool is not just used for toddlers pegging to learn basic counting. The movable number pieces and + – = pieces allow pre-Ks, kindergarteners, and 1st graders to work on beginning math, addition, and subtraction. Build your child’s math foundation by providing them with a similar math framework that schools use to teach math.