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  • Toddler Balance Board – Wobble Board Toddler, Wooden Wobble Balance Board, Kids Wobble Board, Baby Balance Board (Medium (21″))


    Keep Boredom Away & Get those Wiggles Out in a Fun Creative Way with Chimpish Balancing Board. Perfect size for toddlers and smaller kids to start working on their balance/ coordination Confidently & Safely. Notice improvement in your kid’s muscle tone, balancing ability and confidence right away. Unlike other wood balance boards with poor quality that chips, cracks and isn’t smooth. We designed our montessori balance board with high-quality solid wood and robust construction.
    Watch your kids’ imagination take over when their wobbleboard arrives. It becomes a seesaw, kid balance board, teeter popper, slide, step stool, boat, resting place, car ramp, puppet stage and many more opportunities for them to explore. The possibilities are endless and truly up to them! You will love how many uses they can get out of this board. Great Imagination Builder! Helps kids to ease emotional distress, and to get rid of extra energy, especially on those cold rainy days.
    Have Your Own Quality time while your Kids are Constructively Busy with the best Versatile, Open-ended Toy ever! It strengthens the mind-body connection resulting in increased focus and healthier development. It helps to develop skills for snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and overall athletic ability. Perfect gift for sensory active kids.