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  • Egrooc Montessori Bead Sequencing Toy Set,Lacing Beads and Wooden Stacking Blocks,Toddlers Preschool Learning Educational Fine Motor Skills Toys,Montessori Threading Toys for 2 3 4 5 Year Old


    【Montessori Toys for Toddlers】Bead sequencing toys come with 25 X colored wooden beads of various shapes, 1 X wooden stand,8 X double-sided pattern cards and 2 X shoelaces with wooden sticks.The versatile Montessori toys have a variety of ways to play, stacking, matching, threading and creating new patterns.Montessori stacking bead toys are perfect as gifts for toddlers.
    【Bead Sequencing Games】Choose a pattern card and according to the order of the beads on the card,Children stacking the beads in the correct position on the wooden stand.Playing this matching games help kids to enhance their problem-solving skills, observation ability and logical thinking . Valued learning toys to make kids have a huge fun,which can better stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.
    【Threading Toy for Toddlers】Montessori toys come with beads and 2 threading strings,Lacing beads for toddlers are easy to operate.They help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and unleash imagination and creativity. Lacing beads toys for 3 year olds are both educational and fun!

  • KIZZYEA Montessori Toys for 2 3 4 5 Year Old Toddler, Wooden Beads Sequencing Toy, Lacing Beads, Stacking Block & Shape Stacker Toy, Preschool Learning Toy Birthday Gift for Kids Boys Girls


    Montessori Learning Toys Set: Our toddler preschool learning toys set comes with a wooden stand, 25 colorful wooden beads in various shapes, 2 shoelaces with sticks and 8 double-sided patterned cards with a variety of how to play: stack wooden blocks according to the cards,bead or combine shapes.Rich and bright colors are sure to attract children’s attention. Great educational Montessori toys for 1 2 3 4 year old to help kids develop many abilities and grow up better.
    Interesting Bead Sequencing Game: Choose a pattern card at random to start your game, and the task is to stack up the wooden blocks in the correct position of the wooden stand according to the bead sequence printed on lacing cards.The process of matching wooden blocks can not only help children recognize various shapes and colors in life but also improve hand-eye coordination. An educational learning toy suitable for parents and children to interact. Great preschool toys for 3-5 year old.
    Developmental Educational Learning Toys: The educational possibilities of shape matching game are endless, kids can play this 2 year old sensory toy in various ways, including stacking blocks, lacing beads, counting, building models, and matching shape stacker. The process of playing will greatly improve fine motor skills, observation ability, thinking skills and color matching. Imagination and creativity will also be aroused. It is the sorting toy and a stacking toy for toddler 1-3.

  • Toddler Montessori Toys Wooden Beads Sequencing Toy Set, Stacking Blocks, Matching Shapes, Lacing Beads, Shape Sorter Toys for 2 3 4 5 Year Old Boys Girls, STEM Preschool Learning Toys Gifts for Kids


    【Wooden Montessori Toys for Babies】 Our wooden multifunctional montessori toy set includes 1 wooden stand, 1 wood palce card holders, 25 brightly colored wooden beads, 2 laces with wooden stick, 8 double-sided sequencing cards and a bag. Our montessori preschool toys have a variety of ways to play: threading beads, shape & color sorting, matching & stacking shape blocks on the wooden stand according to pattern card, counting, etc. Nice lacing beads toys for toddlers 3-5.
    【Wooden Bead Sequencing Set】Children can stack the wooden blocks in the correct position on the wooden stand according to the beads sequence of the card, or combine the blocks into a new patterns. This fun matching sorting game can help kids to enhance their problem-solving skills, color and shape recognition, logical thinking, creative thinking and observation ability. This pattern-matching activity set is a great preschool learning activities educational toy.
    【Threading Toy for Toddlers】 The lacing game is designed for baby to recognize colors and shapes. Kids can easily thread the beads into the string. The beads come with 11 shapes and 12 colors. The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes allows children to make endless combinations and creative self-expression. Preschool kids can learn the concepts of colors, shapes and counting while playing with this wooden lacing toys. Ideal toys for parent-child interaction and early education center.