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  • Retro Set of the Week: Lego Dragon


    This set from 10 years ago was one of the first group of sculptures and clearly the most popular.  I’ve seen this remade in several different colors.  It’s one of my favorites.

  • Retro Set of the Week – Life on Mars


    Ten years ago Lego attempted to produce another Classic Space series and failed considerably.  However, the aliens were cool as were the printed brinks.  We also saw the introduction of the “sand” colors here.  Yay sand blue!

  • Retro Set of the Week: A-wing Fighter


    10 years ago in the second year of Lego Star Wars at the time of the first Falcon (we won’t talk about that) we were treated to the great A-wing.  This was clearly the best Star Wars set we had seen yet. The red/gray coloring looks great.  Also the green pilot fig is super cool.