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  • Lego Universe: The End


    My adventure with Lego Universe has come to an end.  On Dec 2nd there was an software update to add Frostburgh.  Included in that was this bug: Constant Crashes on Mac OS X.  On that same thread they announced on Dec 8th that the cause was found and a fix was forthcoming.  For me it never did.  At the end of last week I could still never play more than 10 minutes without a crash so I called to have my one-year subscription refunded to me.  They were very nice and complied, although it hasn’t hit my credit card yet so I need to call again tomorrow.

    Farewell Lego Universe.  I may try you again in a year or two.

  • Lego Universe – Frostivus in Frostburgh


    Frostburgh opened yesterday in Lego Universe.  It’s a fun small world filled with snow just as expected. Yesterday morning I was determined to visit Frostburgh as Thursday afternoon I was going to lunch and then antiquing with Matt and his mother visiting from Florida and then I had a shift at the Lobby Bar that night.  If I was going to visit Frostburgh it had to be in the morning.  So I booted up Lego Universe and waited.  And waited. So after some big software updates loaded I was finally able to log in. Hey, new world map screen. The Venture Explorer moved. And there’s a comet streaming across the sky which is supposed to be Frostburgh. Cool. OK, only ten minutes left before I have to leave for lunch.  Great, I was in the Brick Annex when I last logged off so Im only steps away from the new rocket launcher. Drag over a rocket and…


    Crap. I have to leave now. Flash forward to 1am. Ready for bed, grab the laptop, login and rocket to Frostburgh. Neat. I can collect snowballs, and candy canes, and parts to a gingerbread house I can build in my own land. Let’s run down the hill and see what else is here…


    Well this sucks. Boot up again. Build some snowmen. Talk to the vendor…


    Forget it, I’m going to bed. So Friday morning I try again. I run around and do as many of the missions I can.  I find all the flags (sweet, more backpack space).  I find all the blue presents. I try the foot race (fail, fail, fail). I try the road race (4th place out of 4). I now have a reindeer pet, I named him Prancer. It’s still crashing frequently and I feel like it because my computer is old and slow.

    I have a four year old MacBook.  I upgraded the RAM last year but it is still near the lower end of the recommended requirements for Lego Universe. When I was first running around Avant Garders, I would crash several times a day.  Also I would have random slowdowns where I would be running and other characters would run pass me like I was standing still.  It seems to happen most when running past either speed builds or pets.  I’m well above the recommended requirements yet it still runs slow.  The worse thing is when I’m running a foot race my minifig slows way down but the counter stays at normal speed.  I’ve yet to complete a foot race.  I’ve tried to run the Frostburgh footrace but only once made it past the fourth beacon.  It’s like I’m running through molasses.  The one time I didn’t have the strange slow down I made it across the lake and half way back, then I overran or got caught in a fan.  It looks like a fun puzzle to solve if I only could get my guy to run normally.  I also have to learn to manage my speedy hat.  Getting the first speed is easy but then I get caught up in getting through the beacons and I forget to charge up again when I can.

    I really want to enjoy Frostburgh but these even more frequent crashes and the unexplained slowness of my minifig are making it hard.  Also, I can’t figure out how to do any of the daily missions.  I probably have to finish the first race first.  Boo!

  • Lego Universe Part 1 – The Long Install


    I’m not a big gamer.  I’ve never played WoW or any other massively multi-player games.  The last console game I played was Lego Star Wars on the original Xbox.  The game I’ve played most on my iPhone is Sudoku.  So it was decided that I would be the perfect one to play Lego Universe and blog about the experience on BrickPop.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting into.  Let’s just skip to the punch line, I spent most of the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend playing Lego Universe.  I’m totally hooked.

    But first I had to start at the beginning.  I picked up a copy at the Lego store in Bellevue a couple weeks ago.  I used the points on my Lego VIP card so that I wouldn’t have to spend any cash.  I didn’t account for the remarkable selling skills of Mary.  She pointed out if I spent more money I would get a box to fill with Pick-A-Brick after Christmas.  Curse you Mary!  OK, I’ll get Hagrid’s Hut also.  And it’s fabulous so I’m glad I did.  Also I got the last bonus rocket. Yay! These sell for $17-$25 on Bricklink. As if I would ever sell it, but I justify that I’m getting that additional value for free.  Thanks Mary.  PS, why did you leave the Lego Store?  I’m sad without you there.

    OK, I’ve got my copy, I’ve got my rocket, it’s time to install.  It has a rather large hard drive requirement so I clear off some movies and TV shows I’ve already watched and get it going.  It takes forever.  If I had known how long it was going to take I would have (a) timed the process and/or (b) run some errands while it was happening instead of sitting there watching the files load.

    Much later when it was finished installing it was time to set up my account.  Well I’m LegoHamlet on everything else (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, YouTube, etc…) so I’ll be LegoHamlet on here. “The username is not available. Try this instead: LegoHamlet7277″.

    Wait, what?  Someone else already picked LegoHamlet? How could that happen? OK, maybe I’ve already signed up for a Lego ID. Let’s try that with my usual passwords. “This username does not exist”.

    Wait, what? OK, it’s not available AND it doesn’t exist? What the eff?  That’s messed up. So far I’m not very happy.  I settle for LegoHamlet0 and move on. But I’m not happy. As the installation progresses I discover it really doesn’t matter much, as I have to create an in-game name from a list of pre-approved words. I guess this is fine.  After all this is supposed to be a safe game for kids. I try to pick the most suggestive collection of words I can find.  After a while a settle on YummyShockingBiscuit.  Yes my biscuit is both shocking and yummy. Or maybe it’s shockingly yummy? Either way, just keep thinking about my biscuit.  So I’m still upset that I can’t be just regular LegoHamlet.  It says of a username, “Use 2 to 30 characters with no spaces. You may use letters (a-z,A-Z), “_”, “-” and maximum of 4 numbers (0-9).” What I think this means now is you MUST use characters AND you MUST use number(s). I don’t know why there is a requirement for a number, but they need to either eliminate that or make it clearer that a number is required.

    After another interminably long process I finally start the game on board a space ship.  I saw a little bit of the demo at BrickCon this year so the environment looks familiar.  I run around and smash things.  I guess I’m supposed to leave the ship with a rocket.  I somehow get parts for three rockets. Thinking back to playing this a couple weeks back, I was such a newb (but not a n00b according to the Urban Dictionary) that I have no idea how I made it through.  As I played through the Thanksgiving weekend I found out I didn’t look through one of the binoculars and I didn’t read one of the story plaques. This really bugs me that I can’t go back and finished these off.  I’m really the kind of gamer that who needs to play the game into the ground and complete or collect everything.

    But wait, I find out today that I can go back to the Venture Explorer again.  Here’s the news story. Also if your click on the news story in the start-up window of Lego Universe, the link is broken.  So yay! At some point I will get to go clear off the binocular and story plaque achievements.

    So to sum up, the installation was quite simple but very long.  And as I used to be a software test engineer at Microsoft, I’ll be listed my bug reports at the bottom of each blog post.

    Lego Universe Bug #1 – I could not choose an available username for undetermined reasons. If I must use a number in my ID, that should be stated on the Sign In page.

    Lego Universe Bug #2 – When you click on the “Return to Venture Explorer” link in the start up window, it takes you to this broken link:

    Instead of this correct link: