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  • 112 Minifigs


    With the new Series 7, I am out of room on my Minifig Wall. I’ll have to start a new one.

  • Surfer by Gabriel Thomson


    The different blues look great all together in this great wave for the surfer girl.

  • Persians, come and get them! by AC Pin


    We’ve already seen 300 Spartans lined up.  Now a great scene with Spartans vs. Persians from that well known battle.

    See it on MOCPages

  • Series 4 Is Released!


    We apparently a few cases slipped through cause I got my case. Here it is fully sealed.

    Then opened up.

    Now spread out. Yep, there are sixty.

    I opened up and assembled a full set.

    And finally I took the class photo.

    And here is my count:

    • Artist – 4
    • Crazy Scientist – 2
    • Hazemat Guy – 4
    • Hockey Player – 3
    • Ice Skater – 3
    • Kimono Girl – 4
    • Lawn Gnome – 3
    • The Monster – 4
    • Musketeer – 3
    • Punk Rocker – 5
    • Sailor – 5
    • Soccer Player – 4
    • Street Skater – 4
    • Surfer Girl – 4
    • Viking – 3
    • Werewolf – 5
  • Local Man Buys 10,000 Cases of Series 4 Minifigs, Says He Still Needs More Hazmat Guys


    "The stack of cases was as high as the ceiling, I was worried it would fall over" said Alwina Kolodner, Fred Meyer Cashier #2417 - Police provided this fuzzy security camera image of the unidentified man checking out with his loot.

    Today a local man, who remains unidentified, bought what appears to be all 10,000 Cases of Lego Series 4 Collectible Minifigs allocated for North America. Sleeping in the parking lot of a local Fred Meyer distribution center for weeks he was perched at the loading dock as the truck rolled in. The man was reported to have said “I would have been at the dock but the smell of the ocean made me queasy.” according to Lego trucker Gary Martini. Martini added “I thought it was strange when he backed his minivan up to my truck, but he insisted that he had already worked out the details with the clerks at a nearby Fred Meyer retail outlet.”

    Vicki Stone, Assistant Store Night Manager of the Fred Meyer in Skynomish reported that the consumer had the store clerks up all night scanning a UPC code into the Fred Meyer cash registers. “The registers won’t let you scan once and type in ‘600,000’, it’s all got to be hand scanned. Half my clerks already had arthritis and carpal tunnel and this wasn’t helping their health, but he was insistent and we do believe that the customer is always right.”

    When asked by Fred Meyer staff why he needed all these minifigs the local man was reported to have said something about a massive Werewolves vs. Frankensteins battle at this year’s BrickCon Lego convention and then hastened to add that he had 4,999 friends who wanted 2 cases each. When approached by a 7 year old boy and his mother looking for a few minifigs, the man sent them to the MegaBloks display and told them to “deal with it”. Store clerks reported later that the MegaBloks display was damp from tears, but they added quickly that this was typical and likely unrelated to the massive minifig purchase. Store staff reported that the man did appear to be willing to give away as many lawn gnomes as possible and kept muttering something about “why do I need so many tiny Fishermen” and/or “what do lawn gnomes need with a fishing rod”. Apparently it was hard to tell as they were tired and he was muttering.

    Danish police are investigating the matter including trying to understand why an entire continent’s supply went through one Pacific Northwest chain’s store. They’re also monitoring eBay for sales of Lawn Gnomes to try and catch the perpetrator though it remains unclear if he actually broke any laws. “Det var det nemlig den gårdsplads hen til pådømme” said Kristian Løkke Thulesen Rasmussen, Billund Police Chief.

  • BrickPOP attends ToyFair – Pictures of New Lego Sets


    I think ToyFair is a little like getting too much of anything good. After awhile it just all turns to shit. No… not another aisle of puzzles. Whatever, you don’t care about that. Here on BrickPOP it’s all about the Lego. So let’s get to it. I headed over to the Lego booth and wrangled an appointment as a member of the media. It was nice that the Lego folks have decided that bloggers count. Yay. Of course when I got there for my appointment the lady at the front desk told me I didn’t have one and tried to shoo me away. But eventually she let me in anyway. Rachel from the Lego PR agency was a sweetheart, informed, and unhurried even though it was the end of the day and everyone was tired.

    I know pictures are circulating already so i’m not telling you much you haven’t heard. Here are the highlights that made an impression on me (corresponding pictures are below in the gallery):

    • Like the Lego booth, the MegaBloks booth was cordoned off and by appointment only. I couldn’t bring myself to go in there. They did have a requisite statue made of MegaBloks out by the entrance. A big dragon. All the bricks looked cheap as usual. But even worse, they did some airbrush painting on the sculpture to give it some flair. Ugh.
    • I saw the NanoBricks from Japan. (I’d seen them before at BrickCon.) I don’t know why they don’t elicit the same reaction as the MegaBloks do. They’re small and cute and adorable I guess. Notice the tiniest Taj Mahal ever. I took a shot of some loose brick so you could see what the bottoms look like.
    • I couldn’t find the Hasbro booth to see their new Lego competitor. I don’t have some sort of religious loyalty to Lego. I am loyal because they put out great products. MegaBloks puts out garbage. Just the feel and look of the raw brick is crap. But after I saw this picture of one of the new KRE-O sets I was half bummed, half relieved at how bad it looks up close. Bummed because I think competition is good, and KRE-O isn’t in the same league as Lego from these early pics. Relieved as if it was good, I’d have to pick sides in the religious war that would ensue.
    • OK. Enough about the wannabe competitors… onto the good stuff. Saw a cool Atlantis set. Lots of gold pieces as well as those striated column pieces from Diagon Alley. Rock!
    • Nice splitting/sliding action on the Ninjago building.
    • I was pleasantly surprised by the Alien Conquest theme. The nod to the vintage blue Space vehicles was cute. The boxes look gorgeous though the actual colors on the models aren’t as exciting. The sound and light bricks are way cool. SOUND BRICK!!!! (Can I upload my own MP3 into it???) But best of all were the tentacle bricks under the flying saucer. One piece made from one mold where half the piece was regular ABS Lego plastic, and the other half was this rubbery stuff that held onto the minifig as the beam of light sucked him in to no doubt receive his Lego anal probing. Ouch!
    • I’m not that into the Lego board games though they seem fine and all. I took particular notice of Lego champions because of the healthy number of pink and purple 2×4 bricks. 😉
    • The Pirates of the Caribbean sets looked fantastic of course. Love those mermaids. And another light brick. Some of the sets feel like they could sit comfortably with the Medieval Market Village set.
    • As for Star Wars… I don’t mean to be blasphemous, but I really feel like they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. Some of these ships… where are they from? Some of the novels? Knights of the Old Republic? Whatever. They did have the new Millenium Falcon. It does have an interior including some recognizable spots. But it could have used even more detail. What the hell do I know. The PR lady said it still sells like a motherfucker. (I may be paraphrasing… I don’t remember exactly.)
    • The collectible minifigures weren’t there except for their cases. No news here. (BTW, the box for series 5 is teal, not blue despite what my shitty iPhone camera thinks.

    Most importantly however is the picture that I couldn’t take. the Cars 2 Lego. This is what I’m saving up for. Mainly because of the colors. There are two sets with small models of all the Cars characters. In terms of scale, the cars themselves aren’t much bigger than Hot Wheels. Pretty small. But the colors were fantastic. Sand green and some other goodness. But the best was what looked like two new colors to me. One looked like Magenta on from the BrickWiki color chart. But the other was a sort of 1950’s kitchen appliance sky blue. The closest thing I saw on the color chat was Bright Light Blue but that didn’t do it justice. The last image in the gallery below (of the chair) is the closest approximation I can find (after investing 12 seconds in Google image search. I have a decent memory for color so I think this is pretty close.

    Anyway, all in all a fun time checking out the new Lego goodness.

    A word to the competition. I have no doubt you can take small bites out of Lego’s market share at the low end with pricey licenses, lower prices, lots of marketing, and sustained effort. But I believe the AFOLs are influential. And while there’s a degree of religiousness about them, the ones that I respect ultimately care about quality and creativity. To be fair to Hasbro, I haven’t seen KRE-O up close. But if the pictures that they published are any indication, you’re not even close on quality. And as for creativity, even the Lego PR lady was laughing that your Transformers don’t actually fucking transform. WTF!?!? (Again, I think I may be paraphrasing.)

  • Series 3 Minifig Bingeing Revisited


    So back on November 16th 2010 we here at Brickpop lucked into a treasure trove of Series 3 minifigs before basically anyone else on the planet. We bought a huge number of them cause we wanted them and are lucky enough that we had the Lego budget. While many AFOLs understood that we were just excited and sharing our good fortune, there was a vocal group that had an unbelievable number of shitty (and sometimes violent) things to say about us. There were complaints that we were showing off (we thought we were sharing, but ok). Complaints that we were going to sell them for a profit (not true). Complaints that I’m fat (I wouldn’t claim to be skinny). But mostly the complaints came down to us being ‘piggy’. Why couldn’t we leave minifigs for everyone else???

    It’s over two months later and as best I can tell, anybody who wants can still get as many series 3 figs as they want. The Seattle Lego store still has them in stock (with unopened cases in the back of the store), and you can still get them online at

    I’m sure the haters will always find a reason to hate, but I guess what I’m asking folks is this… can we establish now that TLG has decided to make enough figs so everyone can get as many as they want (no matter how many I decide to buy)? I’ll supply my answer to this question… yes.

    So, attention haters: when I pig out on series 4 figs, you can still call me fat. But I believe you won’t be able to claim that there won’t be enough for you.

  • And we’re off… Series 4 Minifigs Pics


    Thanks to the folks at superspeelgoed

    we can start the salivating.

    All the discussions about how many figs are the right number, what behavior is appropriate, should pretty much dissolve at this array of adorableness.

    I have only one word to say. MOHAWK.

  • Minifig of the Week: Fisherman (Series 3)


    The biggest surprise for me with the new Series 3 Minifigs was the Fisherman.  I was expecting to love the cyborg, hula girl, and mummy.  I didn’t think much about the fisherman until I had him in my had.  His overalls are awesome.  The beard is better than the Santa beard.  Plus there’s the fishing pole.  It’s a great fig.

  • We Have a Winner for our “Greed is Good” Contest


    We have a winner!!!

    Congratulations Kate, (@katekintail on Twitter). You’ve won a complete set of Series 3 Minifigs from our personal BrickPOP collectible minifig vault!

    And thank you to everyone who followed us on Twitter and tweeted about our blog. Hopefully you’ve noticed, BrickPOP is the most consistent LEGO blog on the web, posting at least 5 times a day, every weekday.

    If you have suggestion on how we can improve, be sure to let us know!

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