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  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 24


    Continued from here

    Blacksmith: So what’s with the animals? Why do they all flock to you.

    Witch: It the magic pouring out of me. They are drawn to it.

    Wizard: Greetings all!

    Castle Guard: Look it’s the Wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of, of, ugh… Wait, what kingdom are we in? You think I would know that.

    Blacksmith: It’s the Grissom Kingdom. Now Captain, I mean Wizard, are you here to take me away?

    Wizard (aka Captain Templeton, USS Grissom) : Why you’ve been able to leave this whole time. You just had to click your heels together.

    Are you effing kidding me? I could have left at any time?

    Wizard: No, I’m just kidding. But today your sentence complete. You may return to duty.

    Blacksmith: Goodbye dwarf. Thanks for saving my life.

    Blacksmith: Goodbye Witch. Sorry I plotted on pushing you into the fireplace. Thanks for saving our lives.

    Witch: Goodbye blacksmith.

    Blacksmith: I think I’ll miss you most of all.

    Castle Guard: Goodbye friend.

    Court Jester: Computer, end program.

    Wizard: I hope you learned your lesson about not messing with the holodeck.

    Blacksmith: I sure did. You know the entire time I was here, the safeties never malfunctioned. That was fortunate.

    Court Jester: Actually, we just fixed them today. They went offline shortly after Commander Olsen left.

    Blacksmith: What?!?! There were skeleton monsters and this troll thing with the biggest sword I’ve ever seen! Plus that idiot serial killer prince almost put an axe in my back!

    Wizard: Yeah, that would have been unfortunate.


    All: [Laughter]


    Thanks for reading everyone!  Merry Christmas! Keep enjoying BrickPop!

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 23


    Continued from here.

    Castle Guard: Let’s play ball with the puppy.

    Blacksmith: New stuff! And no one here to kill us!

    Blacksmith: More jewels. Anyone want these? Castle Guard, Witch, and Dwarf: Nah.

    Castle Guard: I’ll move this toy castle, you guys move the other stuff. I really like this place organized.

    And the story concludes tomorrow.

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 22


    Continued from yesterday
    Castle Guard: Well, this place looks better.

    Blacksmith: We seemed to have collected a large pile of corpses. Hey Witch, can you disintegrate them?

    Witch: Oh that would smell awful.

    Witch: However when I was cleaning up, I found this magic wand.

    Blacksmith: Hey that’s the fairy wand from Day 1. You killed it right away.

    Castle Guard: Yeah, I’ve learned much since then.


    Dwarf: Good show, you turned them to flowers. Blacksmith: Hey lets all have a drink.

    Blacksmith: I feel like we are that classic group of adventurers from a diverse background.

    Castle Guard: New stuff is here.

    Witch: Hello owl. I will call you Hedwig.

    Castle Guard: Hey another catapult. Are you thinking what I am thinking.

    Castle Guard and Dwarf: Catapult fight!

    Blacksmith: I’m going to take this wreath to the new graveyard.

    Blacksmith: Farewell fake dead people.

    To Be Continued.

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 21


    Continued from a bloody Monday.

    Blacksmith: And then the dwarf came up and put his pick in the Prince’s spinal cord.

    Castle Guard: I completely forgot you were here.

    Castle Archer: What? Where I am. Who are you?

    Troll Warrior: Arrgh! Kill! Kill!

    Blacksmith: Oh, I’m so sick of this. Witch can you just take care of that thing?

    Witch: I thought you’d never ask.

    Blacksmith: Well, I meant that green thing, not this archer guy.

    Castle Guard: He probably would have tried to kill us anyway.

    Blacksmith: Wow, the troll thing just turned into a pool of green goo.

    Witch: He was a magic creature. They die strangely sometimes.

    Blacksmith: OK, this place is a mess. Let’s organize this place.
    Castle Guard and Witch: Good idea

    To be continued.

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 20


    Continued from Yesterday

    Blacksmith: Nice feast, thanks Witch.

    Puppy: Bark!

    Castle Guard: A puppy!

    Blacksmith: And a table and a catapult.  I have to go take care of something.

    Blacksmith: Computer delete corpses of the … what the?!

    Computer: Can not comply.

    Blacksmith: Holy Crap!  Both the barmaids have been decapitated!

    Prince: Well Hello.

    Blacksmith: You did this!

    Prince: I was done with them.

    Blacksmith: What is wrong with you? You can’t just kill people!

    Prince: I’m the prince you peasant! I can do as I please.

    Prince: Arrgh, my spine!

    Prince: Oh I am slain!

    Blacksmith: You saved me. Thank you!

    Dwarf: He was a bad man.

    To be continued…

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 19


    Continued from here

    Blacksmith: You have been working at this cauldron for quite some time.  What are you doing?

    Witch: It’s my gift to you and the others.  Just finished.


    Witch: A feast for my new friends!

    Blacksmith: I think this is just part of the random stuff that shows up everyday.  Maybe you aren’t a witch after all.

    Witch: No, this is from me.

    Castle Guard: Did you make him appear as well?
    Lion Guard: Ahh, a witch! Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!

    Blacksmith: Oh great, he’s quoting the bible.  Let’s all calm down.


    Blacksmith and Castle Guard: Holy Crap!

    Witch: Shall we enjoy my feast?

    Prince: Oh a feast! I have worked up quite an appetite!

    To be continued…

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 18


    Continued from yesterday

    Blacksmith: Ohhhhhhhhh.  The witch was right.  I’m really hungover.

    Castle Guard: This isn’t a book! There’s no pages in here.

    Bar Maid #2: Oh, where am I?

    Castle Guard: Hello, miss.

    Castle Guard: Let’s see… a cooking pot with an apple and knife.

    Castle Guard: And a shovel with some bear shaped pillow.

    Prince: Well hello!

    Bar Maid #2: Oh, the Prince! What an honor!

    Prince: Let me show you around.

    Blacksmith: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    To be continued.

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 17



    Blacksmith: New stuff, the highlight of my day!

    Castle Guard: It’s another jewel, this one under glass.  Don’t show the dwarf.

    Blacksmith: Another frog? Really?

    Blacksmith: A crystal ball for our “witch”.

    Blacksmith: Ahhhh! A keg!  Forget this, I’m checking out for the rest of the day.

    Witch: Oh, I see pain in your future.

    Castle Guard: In the crystal ball?

    Witch: No, the blacksmith is drinking a lot, he’s going to be hurting tomorrow.

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 16


    Continued from here

    Barmaid: Oh my, where am I?

    Blacksmith: Don’t worry, we’re harmless.

    Prince: Well hello.

    Barmaid: Oh my, the Prince!

    Prince: Let me show you around.

    Barmaid: Oh my! What an honor.

    Blacksmith: Well at least he stopped singing.

    Castle Guard: I know, right?  Look we also got a fireplace and a shelf with bottles and a bat.

    Witch: Oh this is just what I need.

    Witch: Double-double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

    Blacksmith: She is clearly a witch.

    Castle Guard: Should I behead her?

    Blacksmith: That might be difficult.

    Castle Guard: Well how do you kill a witch?

    Blacksmith: Well you can drop a house on her or pour a bucket of water on her.  Also witches burn real well.

    Castle Guard: We could push her in this new fire place.

    Blacksmith: Let’s wait and see if she becomes a threat.  She seems to be happy with us all right now.  Not all witches are evil.

    To Be Continued…

  • Lego Advent Calendar – Day 15


    Continued from yesterday

    Blacksmith: All the animals think you are a witch.

    Witch: I’m not a witch, I’m nothing you’ve heard.

    Castle Guard: When would we have heard anything about you? You only showed up yesterday.

    Blacksmith: Oh look, a potion cauldron. You can use your witchy powers with that.

    Witch: I’m not a witch.

    Castle Guard: This looks like some sort of practice dummy.

    Blacksmith: Well I’m glad it has a beheading axe.  We can always use more of those.

    Blacksmith: And luggage. This will be useful.

    Castle Guard: I still would like to get this sword out of this stone.

    Blacksmith: I know. <yelling> Hey Prince! Can you come over and pull on this sword.

    Pince: I thought you’d never ask.

    Blacksmith: See, it had to be freed by a Prince.  We couldn’t do it.

    Prince: Ahh, a dwarf!

    Blacksmith: Calm down, he’s really preoccupied with mining.

    Prince: <singing> Dwarves are very upsetting!

    to be continued…

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