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  • The Last March Of The Ents


    Building Big always gets you noticed at BrickCon. Although not the tallest this year, it’s hard to miss the Lord of the Rings display.

    I don’t know why this was categorized as Sculpture instead of Castle. And here are the builders.

  • Fabuland!


    Those amazing Canadians never let us down at BrickCon with the most amazing display. Their displays have everything to entertain your brain: amazing construction, cool story, and lots of moving parts.

    The Fabuland carnival has 20+ moving parts with a plane, ferris wheel, and train loop. There’s also a Whack-a-Mole and shooting gallery. I could watch this for hours.

  • Kangaroo War Beast


    Lino Martins is one of the most talented builders I know personally. His model cars are epic but this kangaroo is fabulous.

  • Ding Dong… You Are Dead


    The bricks of character gets bigger every year. I love this little vignette from Wizard of Oz. There should be more children’s movies with gleeful songs about accidental homicide.

  • The Big Tower Bridge.


    Bob Day has built a supersized version of the Tower Bridge. It is one of my candidates for Best In Show.

  • The Dark Side


    A new area this year at BrickCon is the Dark Side, a shaded area with lit up MOCs. This is my favorite.

    It is called “Who Fires The Fireman.” Even the water tower is on fire.

  • Hogwartz WIP


    Alice Finch is displaying a nearly complete Hogwartz Castle. There is full interior detail with scenes from at least three movies.

    It will be even more complete next year. It’s so magical.

    There’s also a quidditch pitch here too.

  • Run Away!!


    There’s a great display of miniland scale Monte Python scene this year at BrickCon. This one is The Rabbit of Caerbannog by Oscar Heath. Very funny. There’s also a Mr Creosote.

  • Brickcon Public Show


    Big crowds inside.

  • Bling Your AT-AT


    Great collection of silliness!