• Series 3 Minifig Bingeing Revisited

    So back on November 16th 2010 we here at Brickpop lucked into a treasure trove of Series 3 minifigs before basically anyone else on the planet. We bought a huge number of them cause we wanted them and are lucky enough that we had the Lego budget. While many AFOLs understood that we were just excited and sharing our good fortune, there was a vocal group that had an unbelievable number of shitty (and sometimes violent) things to say about us. There were complaints that we were showing off (we thought we were sharing, but ok). Complaints that we were going to sell them for a profit (not true). Complaints that I’m fat (I wouldn’t claim to be skinny). But mostly the complaints came down to us being ‘piggy’. Why couldn’t we leave minifigs for everyone else???

    It’s over two months later and as best I can tell, anybody who wants can still get as many series 3 figs as they want. The Seattle Lego store still has them in stock (with unopened cases in the back of the store), and you can still get them online at shop.lego.com.

    I’m sure the haters will always find a reason to hate, but I guess what I’m asking folks is this… can we establish now that TLG has decided to make enough figs so everyone can get as many as they want (no matter how many I decide to buy)? I’ll supply my answer to this question… yes.

    So, attention haters: when I pig out on series 4 figs, you can still call me fat. But I believe you won’t be able to claim that there won’t be enough for you.



  1. Bricko says:

    I remember the discussion/confrontation/weight-judging of a couple months back. While I myself wouldn’t have gone so far as to call you anything nasty or insult you for your decision, I did tend to side just a tad bit more with those who took an issue with wiping a store out of its stock so early in their appearance.

    I’m actually kind of surprised you are revisiting this. Like I said, I never thought less of you for those posts and your purchases back then, but this post seems rude and well…”douchey” I guess. It’s not hard to deem yourself right in hindsight. At the time, nobody knew how well distributed the figs would be. And actually, in my area, they still are pretty rare.

    Kind of disappointed that you wrote this. Nonetheless, I really do enjoy your site and like the different approach to bricks it offer. Keep up the good work. Just less of the mean-spirited confrontations (which I imagine this post will invite). Can’t we all just get along?


    • hillel says:

      I totally get why you would feel this way.

      That said, I feel like as a species, we tend to overfocus on things we can see in front of us while blissfully ignoring things that aren’t in plain view.

      Where does everyone think that all the inventory on bricklink comes from? It comes from speculators heading to stores and buying up great deals before anyone else has a chance to get them. I personally have no problem with this behavior, but I know some people do.

      When I bought the figs, it felt to me like the anger it generated was misplaced. And that I had received it because I was transparent about what I’d done.

      In general, I think transparency is a good thing in society. And when it’s punished, while secrecy is rewarded, I get annoyed. This is just my pet peeve.

      So while I know the easy thing would be to apologize, accept people’s judgment, and then in the future buy as many figs as I want without telling anyone about it, much like Bart Simpson repeatedly touching the electrified cupcake, I just can’t let it go. There’s something about conforming to a set of expectations that I think are misplaced that bothers me.

      So, apologies for coming off douchey… but that cupcake sure looks delicious. :) Bzzzzt!

  2. Bricko says:

    Misplaced or not, our community has a wide range of expectations, but otherwise I think your point was well made.

    Just be aware…

    I will knock you on your fat ass and steal every last single case of those beautiful Series 4 Minifigures if I see you.



  3. hillel says:

    Understood. I would expect no less. :)

  4. Moebius says:

    Months later and still arrogant as ever. Although in our last debacle I realized that it was indeed wrong to judge or criticize the amount of minifigs a person purchases, because in every way it is your undeniable right. Yes. No more talk about hoarding or greed or whatever, I don’t even care about speculators, as free markets work, they have every right to do what they do too. I see that now. It not really Lego’s fault either, I doubt any wise executive would have foreseen this level of fandom, but they eventually rose to meet the supply demand.

    Still there is much to be said about your conduct. Perhaps you like disrespecting half of the community. Perhaps modesty or civility is not any of your traits as you parade around those with less (at the time) and then have the nerve to tell us we have no right to be upset.

    And then again you show up months later, bringing your same attitude of defiance hoping possibly to ignite the community again over what is clearly a touchy issue.

    I also noticed you rarely post on anything in this blog other than your showing off of your news related to the minifig addiction, unlike the other members that actually do seem to exhibit the wide variety of regular AFOL interests in their posts such as MOC’s.

    I am terribly sorry, I still have to say people like you should stick to remaining on the quiet sidelines, and leave minifig reporting and other community representations to those more considerate and less offensive.

    Then noone would be summoning out other miserable AFOL’s out of the shadows like me. It would then indeed become the friendly environment Lego is supposed to be.

  5. Bricko says:

    Damn. Moebius is a douche.

    And while I can sort of relate to his core argument about this post being kind of unnecessary and inflammatory given how the initial post months ago went down, I think it’s just as rude and inconsiderate to dictate that someone should shut up and stay on the sidelines.

    Just as you have the right to buy as many LEGO as you want (which I’m a little iffy on, but that’s a bigger issue and obviously very subjective), you also have the right to post whatever content you want on a site that is yours. Freedom of speech.

    If someone doesn’t like your site, they don’t have to visit it.

  6. Moebius says:

    Yes, I am certainly not one of the more exemplary members of this community, so you douche description of me may certainly apply.

    But, this man Hillel, chooses to speak on behalf of AFOLs at conference, TED talks, etc. All I am saying is I think he would be an extremely poor representative of our community if these are the kind of behaviours he advocates, and exemplifies as being the culture of Lego and the rest of us.

    I know I came off as quite harsh sounding, but attitudes like his sometimes attracts the worst in people, something I know he’s already aware of.

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