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  • Ched Nasad by Ivan Angeli


    The black and red colors make this city creepy and wonderful.  I can’t stop looking at the numerous photos.  Great work on the bridges, waterfalls, and the city gates.

    See more photos on Brickshelf.

  • The Survivor by Aliencat *


    Here is a wonderful scene of a Y-Wing pilot trying to survive a crash.  I love the textured ground.

    See it on MOCPages.

  • Opel Sd.Kfz.3a (Opel Blitz) 1943 by Schfio Factory


    Here is a great minifig scale model of a real German WWII half-track truck.  I love the dark tan.

    See it on MOCPages.

  • [LEGO Ace combat][ADF-01] – Falken MK-V DX by ccy 8086


    I love the colors on this ship as well as the obvious masterful SNOT wing structure.

    See more photos on MOCPages.

  • Militarized X-wing by Zane Houston


    This X-Wing has some amazing SNOT-work.  This just looks amazing.

    See it on MOCPages

  • Series 3 Minifig Bingeing Revisited


    So back on November 16th 2010 we here at Brickpop lucked into a treasure trove of Series 3 minifigs before basically anyone else on the planet. We bought a huge number of them cause we wanted them and are lucky enough that we had the Lego budget. While many AFOLs understood that we were just excited and sharing our good fortune, there was a vocal group that had an unbelievable number of shitty (and sometimes violent) things to say about us. There were complaints that we were showing off (we thought we were sharing, but ok). Complaints that we were going to sell them for a profit (not true). Complaints that I’m fat (I wouldn’t claim to be skinny). But mostly the complaints came down to us being ‘piggy’. Why couldn’t we leave minifigs for everyone else???

    It’s over two months later and as best I can tell, anybody who wants can still get as many series 3 figs as they want. The Seattle Lego store still has them in stock (with unopened cases in the back of the store), and you can still get them online at

    I’m sure the haters will always find a reason to hate, but I guess what I’m asking folks is this… can we establish now that TLG has decided to make enough figs so everyone can get as many as they want (no matter how many I decide to buy)? I’ll supply my answer to this question… yes.

    So, attention haters: when I pig out on series 4 figs, you can still call me fat. But I believe you won’t be able to claim that there won’t be enough for you.

  • Badass Lego Guns


    I know this is just an ad for the book, but c’mon, Lego guns are awesome!

  • Lego Spaceship Building Contest on Seattle’s Capitol Hill


    This morning I received a text message from my friend Paul.  “Check out  some galactic lego contest on capitol hill.  Did you know about this?”  I certainly did not.  So I go to the Capitol Hill Seattle blog and read all about it.

    Galactic Lego spaceship battle lands on Capitol Hill

    Friday night, the outcome of an epic battle to build the most amazing Lego spaceships on Capitol Hill (and beyond!) is in your hands.  On Friday, January 28th the members of SBC (John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler) go head to head with PDL (Jason Puccinelli, Jed Dunkerley and Greg Lundgren) for the ultimate sculptural face-off.  Location: Vermillion Gallery.

    Hey, that’s less than a mile from my house. Over the course of the day nearly a dozen people will email, text, or facebook me about this event. Oddly, no one at seems to know anything about it. Expecting very little, I head over slightly after 6:00 when the public voting begins.

    I can’t really say it was amateur night.  That would be a big step up from what was on display.  This was just about the quality of build you get at the BrickCon Kid Build each year.  Here’s an example:

    Dreadful I know.  Sorry for the poor photo quality, I only had my iPhone.  I brought my camera but I left the SD card at home like a tard.  There are some better photos during construction on  I’ll post the others at the end and hopefully get some better photos later.

    So if you are a Lego person, you may want to skim through this next paragraph.  But for the non Lego people and artists who may end up reading this, let’s explain a few things.  Every year for ten years now there is a Lego convention in Seattle called BrickCon.  One of the events/contests held each year is the master build contest.  About 20 or so people are given a set which they don’t know about ahead of time and told to build something completely different in like 45 minutes or something.  For example, here is a tractor set, go build a frog.  Here is a dinosaur set, now build a tropical fish display.  Every year I’m amazed at what people can pull out of their imagination in such a short amount of time.  Everything I’ve built (good and bad) has taken days or weeks and I was never directed on what to build.  If any of the BrickCon contestants were given four hours to build a topic they knew about at least a day ahead of time (like a spaceship for instance) I would expect masterful things.  Even I could pull something out of my ass that was better than these.  What I saw tonight wasn’t even in the same galaxy as the promised “most amazing Lego spaceships.”

    Let’s examine a few major flaws.

    1) No use of SNOT.  Everyone of these used the standard studs up construction we used as kids.  Sure one ship was tilted up, but it was still using the amateurish style of construction.  Without SNOT, your creations will look like a child built them, which these did.

    2) Poor color design.  Only one ship seemed to have any color planning at all.  That one went for an artsy style with three sections of the spaceship having a complete solid color sections.  The one ship blasting off used color as part of the blast radius I expect.  The rest looked like vomit.  Even with a limit palet of bricks, a real builder can create a nice color balance.

    3) Open cockpit design.  Two spaceships had sealed cockpits but the rest of the ship had their crew completely exposed to the poisonous space gas.  This was a spaceship building contest.  Sorry, you are now dead.

    We here at BrickPop like to keep things positive.  We don’t post about crappy MOCs to make fun of them.  BrickLeader rarely has any negative things to say, he likes everything for the most part.  But this art show was so awful I couldn’t let this go without giving a negative review.  So to the Lego “artists” who contributed, take a look around the rest of BrickPop

    and see what real Lego artists can do.

    Here are the other five spaceships:

  • Starship Paladin by Lego Adhiction


    I just love the lines of this amazing starship.  I also love the colors.  I also love the engines, not seen in this photo.  I also love the landing gear.  I love everything about it.

    See it on MOCPages.

  • Three Story Victorian with Tree by mike doyle


    This house is so good it makes me want to give up.  Seriously this is beyond amazing.

    See it on MOCPages

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