• Lego Advent Calendar – Day 22

    Continued from yesterday
    Castle Guard: Well, this place looks better.

    Blacksmith: We seemed to have collected a large pile of corpses. Hey Witch, can you disintegrate them?

    Witch: Oh that would smell awful.

    Witch: However when I was cleaning up, I found this magic wand.

    Blacksmith: Hey that’s the fairy wand from Day 1. You killed it right away.

    Castle Guard: Yeah, I’ve learned much since then.


    Dwarf: Good show, you turned them to flowers. Blacksmith: Hey lets all have a drink.

    Blacksmith: I feel like we are that classic group of adventurers from a diverse background.

    Castle Guard: New stuff is here.

    Witch: Hello owl. I will call you Hedwig.

    Castle Guard: Hey another catapult. Are you thinking what I am thinking.

    Castle Guard and Dwarf: Catapult fight!

    Blacksmith: I’m going to take this wreath to the new graveyard.

    Blacksmith: Farewell fake dead people.

    To Be Continued.



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