• Lego Advent Calendar – Day 20

    Continued from Yesterday

    Blacksmith: Nice feast, thanks Witch.

    Puppy: Bark!

    Castle Guard: A puppy!

    Blacksmith: And a table and a catapult.  I have to go take care of something.

    Blacksmith: Computer delete corpses of the … what the?!

    Computer: Can not comply.

    Blacksmith: Holy Crap!  Both the barmaids have been decapitated!

    Prince: Well Hello.

    Blacksmith: You did this!

    Prince: I was done with them.

    Blacksmith: What is wrong with you? You can’t just kill people!

    Prince: I’m the prince you peasant! I can do as I please.

    Prince: Arrgh, my spine!

    Prince: Oh I am slain!

    Blacksmith: You saved me. Thank you!

    Dwarf: He was a bad man.

    To be continued…



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