• Lego Advent Calendar – Day 19

    Continued from here

    Blacksmith: You have been working at this cauldron for quite some time.  What are you doing?

    Witch: It’s my gift to you and the others.  Just finished.


    Witch: A feast for my new friends!

    Blacksmith: I think this is just part of the random stuff that shows up everyday.  Maybe you aren’t a witch after all.

    Witch: No, this is from me.

    Castle Guard: Did you make him appear as well?
    Lion Guard: Ahh, a witch! Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!

    Blacksmith: Oh great, he’s quoting the bible.  Let’s all calm down.


    Blacksmith and Castle Guard: Holy Crap!

    Witch: Shall we enjoy my feast?

    Prince: Oh a feast! I have worked up quite an appetite!

    To be continued…



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