1. hillel says:

    Oh… and another question… why does the garden gnome have a fishing rod? Is he the fisherman’s cousin?

  2. Paul says:

    Is that supposed to be a garden gnome? I thought it was the fisherman again and I was really confused how he was already making an encore…

  3. guy says:

    the radiation man looks awesome!

  4. Moebius says:

    Oh you certainly would love it if such discussions and debate would dissolve wouldn’t you. It would pretty much be a free ticket for you to set the community on fire every time a new series comes out.

    Their “adorableness” is only going to compound the “hoarding” controversy that will surely repeat itself with this series. Sad to see the day that this is what this hobby has come down to.

  5. Ninja Ash says:

    At least you got your american football helmet from the ice hockey player

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