1. Cygnet says:

    I don’t think the above pics show the official figs. I think they are fan made creations. If you actually click through to Hooked Gamers, they never say these are official figs. The Captain Jack is ‘official’ in that its the figure that appeared at ComiCon last year.

    If I’m wrong and they are official, TLG will be knocking on your door soon, kindly asking you to take them down. Especially since these are a Disney license…

  2. ry says:

    Really? Call me skeptical, but I doubt some random no-name gaming site got ahold of a leaked POTC minifig shot. These are probably someone’s customs that some random gaming site blogger thought would be a good companion photo for his article. And any POTC minifig lineup will clearly have Davey Jones with that new claw hand piece from Atlantis 😛

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