• Series 3 Collectible Minifigures — The Unboxing with Pictures and Analysis

    UPDATE: We’re giving away a complete set of Series 3 Minifigures. Check out our Greed is Good contest to enter.

    OK. Here we go. First up, the distribution. I had one unopened box of sixty that I knew was exactly as it had been at the factory so I knew it had the exact distribution. Of course I can’t vouch that every case is consistent, but that was the impression I got with Series 2.

    • 5 figs in the case – Sumo Guy, Alien with Raygun, Mummy with Scorpion, Octan Team Race Car Driver
    • 4 figs in the case – Mountaineer Guy, Samurai Guy, Man in Ape Suit with Banana, Baseball Player with Bat, Tennis Lady
    • 3 figs in the case – Native American Chief, Elfin Bowman, Terminator Space Guy, Rapper, Snowboard Chick, Hula Girl
    • 2 figs in the case – Fisherman

    Some analysis of quantity and quality. Two Fishermen??? WTF!?! Even in Series 2 you would get 3 Spartans in a case. Lame. The Fisherman of course rocks so completely. His beard is ridiculously cool. The Hula Girl is awesome as well. Only three there. I love that the Snowboarder is a woman. The bow and arrow guy is an Elf!!!! He has little Elf ears. Wow!!! The Native American headdress rocks. It’s huuuuge. The tennis lady rocks. The baseball players do too except for one small thing… no gloves. It’s all batters. Uh… what? Why not put in gloves? There are four so to get an entire team you need 3 cases. If you want dudes in the dugout and bullpen (never mind another team on the field) you need to get 5 cases. (Or buy at a hefty premium on the gray market.) The Ape is perhaps the biggest surprise of the bunch. Maybe I was dumb thinking that it was supposed to be an Ape. But it’s a guy in an ape suit. And when he takes off his ape head, he’s sweating. Very funny. Samurai, mountaineer, and race car driver are all solid. Especially the race car guy hair. The mummy is kind of cool, especially cause he comes with the scorpion. I’m not a fan of the alien’s head. It’s just not to my taste. But the gold raygun with the trans purple ray shooting out of it rocks. Sumo guy is solid as well, though I wish he had a fatter than normal torso. Printed fat rolls only do so much for me.

    Bottom line: these are absolutely great minifigs. I’m disappointed in some of the distributions… Fewer race car drivers, and mountaineers, and more fishermen, rappers, elves, and baseball players please. More interestingly, I felt that some of the flexibility of the series 2 figs (the multiple mime heads, etc.) really isn’t here. I would have liked some creativity with multiple faces, and of course, as I mentioned, some baseball gloves please.

    And now for the pictures. I used the good camera, but I didn’t have time for the seamless. Hope they’re ok for everyone. Apologies in advance for the short depth of field.



  1. Puay Yong says:

    2 fishermen only, WTF…

    Pardon me. Did you check and confirm with your friends to see if they also got 2 fishermen per box as well?

    • hillel says:

      I didn’t check because this was the only unopened box we got. I couldn’t confirm the distribution in the others was accurate. That said, I saw someone post on the SEALUG list with the exact same distribution as mine. So I suspect it’s accurate. And I agree about only 2 fishermen. WTF!

  2. Puay Yong says:

    Thanks for the reply. Quite disappointed that Lego tries to rip people off. If it’s blind bag… at least it should be equal distribution.

  3. lady_bricker says:

    well, the snowboarder girl goes a *tiny* way toward appeasing my irritation at LEGO for their sexism .. i mean srsly, cheerleader? witch? britney spears? pamela anderson? my boys are tired of hearing me point out that the traffic cop could have just as easily been a chick. :)

    i’m glad i don’t have any daughters so i never have to have the belville talk.

    • jimmythefly says:

      Are you advocating for more obviously female characters (where you don’t need to see the face to know the gender), or for more females in all roles?

      Gender roles are a weird thing, huh? It’s a bit easier to assign character roles to a gender for certain figs (Samurai, Sumo, Chief, Hula).

      Race driver, Pilot, Rapper, Elf, Fisherperson, and Gorilla I would say are all predominantly male roles in reality and popular culture.

      Tennis player, Baseball player, Mummy, Space villan could’ve gone either way, especially in 2010.

      I have a hunch the alien is male, but how does one tell?

      Where is our female street thug, construction worker, mountaineer, golfer, astronaut, engineer, chemist, druggie, pimp, firefighter?

      Where is our male stay-at-home-parent, nurse, kindergarten teacher, exotic dancer, veterinarian, steward?

  4. Adam Hally says:

    Hillel, great that you’re the first notable American with figs. My only complaint is that when I click the thumbnails there’s no next, so I have to close the window and reselect the next one manually. That’s a pain in the ass. Now based on two of your speeches that I’ve seen, you seem like a pretty efficient guy.

    Can this be fixed?

    Take care,


    • hillel says:

      I’m not sure about the ‘notable’ part. :)

      You’re right. Sorry for the pain.

      I did a quick fix. It’s not pretty, but it does the trick. I’ll make it better later.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. jimmythefly says:

    Oooh, more Blacktron III. Nice to see that helmet in black, and the torso is fun.

  6. gavin says:

    hey love these i want them who knows if these are at toys r us

  7. How does one go about ordering a sealed case? I would love to split one of these with a friend.

  8. J.R. says:

    I note that the Barcode for Series 3 differs from Series 1 and 2 substantially. The first part is the same 73419, but series one all had 13047 and series two all had 13048… one number different. Is it possible that LEGO put all the barcodes as one instead of a seperate one for “Lego Minifig Series 1″ or “Lego Minifig Series 2″ and differentiated with a second bar code? You only have one picture of the Space Pirates bar code, not the others, so I am just guessing?

  9. Phloo says:

    Got a box today at Smith’s Marketplace in SLC. I can confirm the same distribution that you listed. I think the biggest disappointment is the 5 sumo guys. Way too many of that guy. The elf makes it all worthwhile though.

  10. webel says:

    @ Lady_bricker
    You are seriously insulted? I roll my eyes at overly feminist women like you. But you take it to whole new level. Ofcourse everyone regardless of gender should get the same chances.
    But you are seriously complaining about lego being too stereotypical and even insulting? Wow.
    First of all the female minifigs. They are all people from pop culture and stories. And they happen to be female? So what? If they only made female minifigs with certain jobs (like the cop you mentioned) it would awefully boring. These minifigs represent certain stories, jobs or pop culture. And those are tied to stereotypes.
    Do you know why there are stereotypes? Because they are REALLY common. Most nurses are female, most skaters are guys, most test dummies are genderless, most witches are female etc.
    And I really laughed at the princess part. You are seriously butthurt about the fact that in every generic medieval story a princess gets saved? Ever heard a story about female knights who saved a captured dude? Not me.
    And that’s because feminism has only been around for a few decades compared to the more conservative male and female roles, which have been around for more that 5000 years. You can’t go thinking all stories and stereotypes will dissappear in 40 years. Ofcourse children have to be tought that boys and girls should deserve equal chances. But complaining about lego being sexist is just silly.

    Now on topic:
    I’m quite dissapointed about these. The gorilla and mummy are pretty cool but the others just don’t look special. Some new parts like the beard are cool. But the caps look a bit awkward. I also never like the mic piece.

    • hillel says:

      @webel I think you’re not being fair to @lady_bricker. I’m a parent. I have two girls and a boy. Getting girls into Lego is hard. And mostly it’s because I believe a) girls are underrepresented in the lego sets, b) when girls are presented in the sets, it’s often (not always) in stereotypical roles, and c) lego appears to not be innovating in terms of sets that appeal to girls, or more importantly, marketing effectively to girls.

      Once I get my girls involved in Lego, they love it. I don’t mind some stereotypical female presence in the sets. I’ve tried countless times to get my girls un-princessed. They love princesses. There’s nothing I can do. I can blame society, but they’re wired for it. The real problem for me is that Lego’s girl theme sucks. I think lego should partner with Barbie and American Girl. Mattel gets young girls. The combination would be powerful.

  11. webel says:

    1. Take a male minifig.
    2. Pull off the head.
    3. Put a female head on.
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT!!!

    On a more serious note. It’s not LEGO’s fault lego is more appealing to boys. Lego has tried the girl stuff but it didn’t sell enough to continue. Mixing lego with the barbie stuff you talk about will result in the older lego girl themes like belville and paradisa. Atleast that’s the way I see it.

    And people should all start complaining about stereotypes because they only exist because they are often true.
    I really don’t see the problem about lego using stereotypes.

  12. boxhounds says:

    I’m a girl and I personally like the women minifigs they are putting out in these Series.

    first off, there aren’t many women minifigs out there in general, so I applaud the LEGO effort to make both genders available in the the collections.

    and if they were to do a male lifeguard, then you mine as well just had 2 surfers. most people think of nurses as women, cheerleaders, pop stars, etc.

    all that said, my favorite part about LEGO is that all their parts are interchangeable, so you can make yourself a female Chief if really wanted to. (though I wouldn’t recommend this for the Sumo wrestler or surfer, that would just be awkward.)

    my nieces love LEGO and play w/ the male minifgs more than they play w/ the Belleville ones.

  13. Jacob says:

    Where do the collectible minifig boxes appear in your local Fred Meyer stores? By the other LEGO sets in Toys? Or by the collectibles (baseball cards, etc.)? Or somewhere else entirely?

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  16. Stephen Cahyadi says:

    I got the same composition like Hillel. I think all box could be the same distribution.


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