• Series 4 Minifigure List?

    Toys N Bricks translates this list from a Dutch Lego site:

    A series of 16 new minifigures! Each minifigure is in a special bag so you can’t tell which minifigure is inside. Each minifigure has its own accessories, baseplate and collector booklet. These minifigures have been inspired by movies, sports, history and everyday life.
    Here are the 16 minifigures included: The Monster, Surfing Girl, Sailor, Kimono Girl, Punk, Viking, Speed Skater, Hockey Player, Skateboarder, Man in Safety Suit, Musketeer, Werewolf, Artist, Mad Professor, Football Player and Garden Gnome.

    Hockey and Football? Can they have alternate jerseys so we can have teams play each other? I’m excited for the football helmets!



  1. Cygnet says:

    Ah, but did they say American football? I’m thinking this could still be a ‘soccer’ player.

  2. hillel says:

    Good point!

  3. brickleader says:

    The pointy gnome hat is going to be sweet!

  4. jimoakley666 says:

    Helmet? You don’t wear a helmet to play football. Unless you’re on the ‘special’ team. In which case you wear a helmet to do most things in life.

    This list is already looking much better than the rather lackluster 3rd Series. The Monster (Frankenstein’s?) and the Werewolf will be very VERY much on my list. But they ALL sound brilliant.

  5. Wobblyjelly says:

    For god’s sake! It FOOTBALL, not American football! Look at the pictures! Does anyone know if there are going to be dot codes on the series 4?

  6. Mini Figures says:

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